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NRA Pistol Instructor Certification

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Upcoming Dates for the NRA Pistol Instructor Training

Instructor classes are three-days. Each day will go 8 am to around 8 pm. This includes all training required, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Instructor Training, and the NRA Pistol Instructor Training.

Classes are held at Wagnalls Memorial Library at 122 E Columbus St. Lithopolis, OH 43136

Class fee of $425 covers all training fees. The full class fee must be paid when registering.

After you pass the course, the NRA certificate fee, either $35 or $60 will be paid to the NRA.

Click on a date to get registered:

Watch this video to learn what it takes to become an NRA Certified Instructor!

You’re on Your Way to Teaching CCW Classes!

Here is the 3-Step Plan to Get Certified as an NRA Pistol Instructor

Ready to start teaching?

If you are like most of our instructor candidates, you’re friends have probably been asking if you can teach concealed carry, but you haven’t been able to help them yet.

Do you love guns and enjoy helping others learn how to shoot safely and effectively? Then you’re ready to become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and get the official credentials to teach the Ohio concealed carry (CCW, CHL) and other firearm courses. 

If you want to know how to get certified to teach Ohio concealed carry classes then this training is where you need to be.   

Get Certified to Teach Ohio Concealed Carry (CCW) Classes

As a concealed carry instructor not only do you get paid to teach, but you also get many other benefits.

  • Discounts on guns and gear
  • Earn money while teaching your passion
  • Tax savings by writing off your business’s guns, gear, and training

Now is the perfect time to start your concealed carry training business. 

Ohio recognizes NRA certified instructors for teaching Ohio Concealed Carry. This instructor level training is a three day class that is completed in an extended weekend. You do not have to have a concealed carry license to become an instructor.

NRA Pistol Instructor Training

Want to Teach Conceal Carry Classes?

Becoming an NRA certified pistol instructor is the best way to start teaching or assisting in concealed carry classes. Earn money while providing high quality firearms instruction.

Want Discounts on Guns and Gear?

Many companies offer discounts for NRA certified instructors. Some of these companies include Sig Sauer, Ruger, Sprinfield AmoryFNDaniel DefenseCrimson Trace, and many more. 

Get Everything That You Need to Start Teaching!

At the training you receive the materials needed to start teaching:

  • Lesson Plans for Multiple NRA Pistol Classes
  • PowerPoint Presentation for the NRA Basic Pistol Class
  • Copy of the NRA Basic Pistol Course Book
  • Copy of the Student’s Exam and Answer Key for the NRA Basic Pistol Course
  • Details on How to Teach Ohio Concealed Carry Classes and what to put on your student’s certificates.

After the instructor training you’re ready to get started!

Got Questions After the Training? I’m Here For You!

Although the details are covered in the training, keeping those details straight after the course can be challenging. As your NRA Certified Training Counselor, I’m your first point of contact for NRA program questions. Since I’m a full time instructor, I’m more readily available to quickly get you back on track.

Where do I get the completion certificates?

How can I promote my course on the NRA site for free to get more students?

What details do I have to have in my course?

Rest assured that you have support after the training through Kevin Sadeski who has trained over 25,000 for Ohio concealed carry and over 700 NRA Instructors!

NRA Pistol Instructor Training at Armed2Defend

Now is the perfect time to start or expand your concealed carry (CCW) training business.

The NRA Pistol Instructor certification is the mostly widely recognized certification in the country. This is the gold standard for pistol isntruction. All sheriff offices in Ohio honor the NRA creditials for teaching Ohio concealed carry (CCW, CHL) classes.

Many NRA instructors are also becoming USCCA Certified instructors to add to their credentials and course offerings. There are a lot of benefits to the USCCA certification. Click here for details on the USCCA Instructor Certification.

This instructor level training is a three-day class. Please see all the details below. You do not have to have a concealed carry license to become an instructor. Day one of the instructor training can be used to get your license. But if you just want to take an Ohio concealed carry class, you can see the details here: Ohio CCW training, click here.

The goal isn’t to just get certified.

You want to GET TRAINED how to be the BEST INSTRUCTOR.

This is about more than jumping through hoops. You want training that matters. And that’s exactly why Armed2Defend exists.

Ready to start teaching?

Get the FREE Ohio CCW Training Guide!

Bonus: Includes 5 Real Answers to the concealed carry test.

Course Details

Course Goal:

To develop NRA Certified Instructors who possess the knowledge, skill, and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course and to teach for the Ohio and select other states’ Concealed Handgun Carry License (CCW, CHL).


Completion of the pre-course qualification listed here. This video goes into the details and demonstrates the pre-course requirements:

Please note that the instructor level training requires the ability to plan ahead and to be ready for the training and prerequisites. If you have questions, please ask, but you must be familiar with the expectations before the training. If you can’t be prepared for the instructor training, then the expectation is that you won’t be able to properly prepare to teach a class after you certified. 

Be sure to record yourself handling the gun and shooting. All instructor candidates have safety issues. Identify and fix them now before the instructor class.

Course Fee:

$425 for the 3-day pistol instructor class.

Total Cost:

$425 Class fee + $35 (if an NRA member, $60 if not an NRA member) NRA Instructor Certification = $404 (or $429 if not an NRA member).

Join the NRA before the class to get the discount: https://armed2defend.com/nra-membership/

Course Location:

Please see each date for the location. Typically our classes are within 20 minutes of downtown Columbus Ohio. The classroom portion is located at the historic Wagnalls Memorial Library in Lithopolis Ohio. Our private covered shooting range is 4 minutes away in Canal Winchester Ohio. 

You can see the detailed directions to the classroom here: https://armed2defend.com/resources/wagnalls/

Course Length:

This course is a full three days. Each day will go from 8 am till around 8 pm.

Day 1 is the NRA Basic Pistol course. This course is required, please don’t ask if you can skip it. This course will teach you the course material and make the next two days of instructor training easier. We’ll end at the shooting range and you’ll be required to complete the pre-course qualifications at that time. You must pass these to continue to Day 2 training. If you do not pass, then you’ll be required to pay a fee to redo the qualification at a future date.

Day 2: This is the NRA Basic Instructor Training. In this course we learn the NRA policy and procedures, what makes a good instructor. This day is all in the classroom.

Day 3: NRA Pistol Instructor Training. This day you’ll actually teach the lesson plan using the NRA instructional methods. This day will have range time. You’ll play the role of the instructor and instruct another instructor candidate through the NRA range training lesson plan. Then you’ll play the role of a student so another instructor candidate can have the chance to teach.

After the course I have up to 10 days to submit the NRA course report. I typically submit it within a few days. After I submit it you’ll be notified and you can create your login on the NRA instructor site and finalize your credentials to become a certified instructor.

Food and Drinks:

You will not be able to leave the class to go out for lunch. Please either pack you own lunch/drinks/snacks or plan to purchase in class. Typically there is an option to purchase food and drinks at the training. More details will be sent after you register and as the class day gets closer. We don’t mind if you are eating/drinking during class. (We have a microwave you can use but we do not have a fridge.)

Gun, Ammo, & Safety Equipment:

You are responsible for supplying the pistol and ammunition for the training and qualification. For this course and qualification any caliber pistol (including 22 lr) and sighting system (including red dot and/or lasers) can be used. No AR style pistols will be allowed. We recommend that you bring around 200 rounds of ammo for the instructor training and qualification. We can supply the range safety equipment for your to borrow if needed. We require side shields on glasses.

Your range gun must be unloaded and in a closed bag, box or case until you’re instructed to remove it. Please have all magazines also unloaded. You’ll load them as instructed during the training. Please leave your firearm locked in your car during the classroom portion. If you aren’t sure, please ask.

Number of Participants:

There must be at least 4 NRA Pistol Instructor Candidates in the training to hold the class. This typically isn’t an issue. Typically the class size is around 10 candidates but depending one demand it might be larger or smaller. Larger isn’t always bad because you get to see a larger variety of instructional styles and techniques from each instructor candidate.  

Qualification Target:

The required NRA Pistol Instructor shooting qualification is not timed but it is scored based on hits within the target and group size. You can read more about the qualification here. At Armed2Defend we modified the qualification distance to 15 feet (instead of 45 ft) and modified the target accordingly to a 3 inch circle with a 2 inch group requirement. You must score 16/20 within the target and group size to qualify. You will have three attempts to qualify.

You must also adhere to the NRA’s 3 gun safety rules and follow the instructor’s commands to pass. Typically 20% of the instructor candidates fail this qualification due to safety issues or lack of skill. You must come prepared to pass.

The targets are in the pre-course qualification packet here: https://armed2defend.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/NRA_Pistol_Instructor_Candidate_Packet_Armed2Defend.pdf

Ready to sign up for a class?

Your training matters.

We’ll give you an amazing experience.

I couldn't have chosen a better experience for my family and myself. It was the first time we handled and fired a gun. We came out of the course feeling empowered and inspired to learn more and improve our safety. Kevin, Alisha, and their team were informative and fantastic overall. George and Roger made a difference in our day. My family and I plan to return for future training. Thank you again for your help, guidance, and encouragement!
osman dirlikli
osman dirlikli
Everyone was by far the kindest people i’ve met in a while. They answered every single question I had with consideration and never made me feel dumb for asking questions. All of the instructors there work as a team to help you learn and makes you feel appreciated. Thank you Kevin and Alicia.
Solid information and very informative. Took time to answer our questions. Down to earth and laid back made the course a relaxing time.
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller
Took the women’s conceal carry class in March ‘24. It was amazing! The instructors walked us through the necessary training to get our conceal carry license, and also helped us get accustomed to handling guns before we went to the range to practice. Learning how a gun works, correct handling, grip, aiming, and shooting technique ahead of time really paid off during the range time. I was very nervous handling a real gun, but Alisha let me take my time to get comfortable, helped me to feel confident handling the gun, and was very encouraging! I have owned a gun for over 2 years, have only held it a few times and pulled the trigger twice, and now I am so excited to get in regular shooting practice, looking to shop for a second gun, and feel so confident walking into a gun shop and picking up guns. It’s a complete 180, and I am so grateful for this class! It completely changed my attitude about my firearm! Highly recommend for any women anxious about guns!
I was so nerves because I didn’t know what to expect. With their patience and kindness I felt very confident. With fair pricing I learned a lot of what it takes to become a law abiding CCW carry. I highly recommend anyone looking to extend their rights.
Joe Gerencser
Joe Gerencser
"At first I thought the length of classroom instruction would be difficult but I was WRONG. The day moved very quickly. I'm glad I am a USCCA member and read every CCW Magazine edition from cover to cover (I also have the January 2013 edition of Michael Martin's book from USCCA) because it helped in my understanding of the material Kevin discussed in class. The range work for me was outstanding. I want to specifically thank George for paying attention to my grip. He made a few suggestions that greatly helped my "shot group" from the first 2 rounds fired to the last 6 rounds fired. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be back with Armed2Defend for more work in the very near future. In my opinion is was an excellent experience and I will have zero issues recommending people to take the course. I wish I could convince my wife to attend but I'm not expecting miracles. Thank you for all your efforts."
James Porter
James Porter
I took part in ccw class on the 25th of March, great class. Met some really great people in the class and instructors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful thanks for all you do in the class Jim porter
This place is awesome they make u feel very comfortable and teach u everything loved this class
Dan Chester
Dan Chester
Classroom information was clear and presented very well, our instructor at the range was great, got great tips on grip style as well as small things to work on to improve my accuracy. An overall amazing experience.
Armed2Defend is a excellent concealed carry class I had a ton of questions about the laws of being able to conceal carry and no answer to any of them before I signed up for there class But after taking there course I'm extremely confident about the laws as well as handling and carrying my gun highly recommend them to anyone who needs more answers for the laws of concealed carry or those who need help with operation of there gun in my opinion there probably the best instructors in the state.
oday ghaly
oday ghaly
They are the best and the most kind trustworthy small family business in Ohio,
Johnny Comacho
Johnny Comacho
Had my 2hr range time today. What great instructors! They made everyone feel comfortable and took time to help everyone with questions we had.
Wow I just can say AMAZING experience, they’re amazing, excellent staff, I’m super grateful with all of you, thank you so much. Specially thanks to kevin’s dad.
Libdho jams
Libdho jams
Good training
M France
M France
Thorough, Passionate and Caring about what and how CCW is taught. Lynne and I were not sure what to expect, but definitely exceeded our expectations.....Tks, Matt"
Brian Moss
Brian Moss
Kevin runs an outstanding organization....look forward to many more classes with Armed2defend....
Russell Sowers
Russell Sowers
I had taken outher on line ccw class with no luck but armed 2 Defend is the best one I took on line class was great
Kayla Barker
Kayla Barker
Really happy with this CCW class. The online portion was concise and informative, and the in-person portion was really helpful. Both Kevin & Alisha gave me personal instruction on how to safely shoot more accurately and went out of their way to give me tips. I’d recommend this class to anyone!
Red Machine
Red Machine
best class I've ever taken. Kevin and his team are very professional and helpful. you will leave classes feeling very confident and proud.
Kelly Foster
Kelly Foster
Have nothing but great things to say. The instructor/sensei was very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend! Kelly Foster
I went through this course yesterday. I assumed it was going to be a boring 8 hours. I was wrong. It was fantastic. Everyone was great and I actually learned way more then I thought I would. I can’t recommend them enough. One of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you
Jamelah C
Jamelah C
So first of all as an African American woman I did my research on different companies because if we're being real we have historically been kept out and many of us feel uncomfortable in these white dominated spaces; but, after a few google searches I came across armed to defend and immediately noticed the diversity. I was like "great. thats where I'm going", and I'm SO GLAD that I did. Kevin and Alisha are literally the bomb.com. Like, the type of people you would want over for dinner or game night. They managed to make information that could be deemed as boring very entertaining and engaging. They also have great energy. Even their instructors were warm and knowledgeable. This is a great family owned business and definitely a safe space.
Awesome CCW/CHL training. Kevin and Alisha are top notch instructors who are passionate and knowlegeable about their field. Their style of teaching accommodates newer and seasoned firearm enthusiasts. They covered state requirements while also ensuring student questions were addressed on the spot. Finally, the range time was relaxed while prioritizing safety at all times.
christine bowen
christine bowen
I had an incredible experience with the class yesterday. I had some knowledge as to what was to be expected. The class was informative and educational. For me the best part of the day was the drive home, my 22 year old son was with me and the knowledge he gained from the experience. I would highly recommend this company.
Joseph Gaynor
Joseph Gaynor
As someone who has taken NRA Pistol classes before, I was happily surprised that the range training for the CHL featured 5+ NRA Instructors, as well as the leaders of the training, Alisha, and Kevin who are NRA Instructors themselves. Most other training providers I considedred don't provide instruction during the training process, and the investment in qualified NRA Instructors made me feel much better about this training over the others that I investigated before applying for my CHL. This is a great Company to use whether you're an experienced shooter, or have never shot a gun before. You will feel more comfortable with a firearm, and understand the responsibilities you have as a firearm owner by going through this company. Would highly recommend.
Dream Big
Dream Big
This was a very informative class with great instructors, they did a awesome job with engaging and involving everyone in the class. Also huge shout out to Instructor George at the range, Doing an awesome job!!
L Atcherson
L Atcherson
Great class! Very informative. I was nervous at first, but I learned so much. Kevin and Alicia were awesome. The sampler pack at the range was quite helpful in helping me to choose my own firearm.
nick mccormish
nick mccormish
Great class!Kevin and Alisha are clearly passionate about what they do and are very engaging during the classroom portion. We had Tommy at the range and he was great too!Thanks to all for a safe and enjoyable experience for a couple of beginners!
Brian Pharis
Brian Pharis
What a great class (CCW training course). Highly recommend.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez
The class was easy to understand and participate in. With the classes being given over the net, it let people participate more openly and relaxed. With a class that talks about defending oneself and possibly taking another persons life, the trainers presented themselves as people of the community.If you are looking to get CCW license and are looking for that military/ police training experience in your class, then don't take the class from Armed2Defend. Armed2Defend will give you respect and train you as a person. They know that you will be taking a firearm into their community(s), so they will train you to take a firearm into a community, not onto a battlefield. Armed2Defend is the way to go for your CCW training!
Isiah Chillous
Isiah Chillous
A2D has awesome instructors who take the time to walk you through gun safety/handling and self defense. You’ll enjoy your training! I had a great time.
Scott Fowler
Scott Fowler
Top notch training by knowledgeable folks
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller
Class was awesome, they made sure the zoom style classes were effective, I liked how they kept folks accountable during class. Range day was great and the facility was set up nicely.
Bruce Bishop
Bruce Bishop
Excellent experience. I enjoyed the online class modules and the range was absolutely great. As one who hadn't fired a gun for years this was a great experience. After the class I received my concealed carry license within 4 four days. Thanks all!
Joe Herb
Joe Herb
great place for beginners or experienced shooters, this is the perfect family run business.
troy standiford
troy standiford
I took this course about 8 years ago.I guess the best information I gained wasabout the law and how it relates to a ccwholder. I’m going to now send my 21 year old daughter through this same course. I would recommend them to anyone looking into ccw.
Eryn Harris
Eryn Harris
I took this class virtually due to COVID-19, even with it being virtual it was very detailed and they allowed us to ask questions. It didn’t feel rushed at all. At the range, we were able to use actual weapons and practice for the entire scheduled range time instead of doing more “lectured learning”. Would recommend.
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