finding the right holster is hard

Are you struggling to figure out a way to conceal carrying that works for you?

Overwhelmed by all the carry options? Nervous you will waste money on holsters that don’t work for you? Intimidated by actually carrying a loaded gun safely?

Figuring out how to carry a gun is hard.

You want to conceal carry because you want the protection of having your gun with you. But it turns out that guns are harder to carry than they make it look online and in the movies.

Maybe you’ve already wasted hundreds of dollars trying holsters that didn’t work for you. Or maybe you haven’t bought any holsters yet because you don’t even know where to start. 

It really starts to feel overwhelming when you add in the fact that good holsters are expensive. When I was new to concealed carry, I thought the gun would be the most expensive part of this new lifestyle. Ha! I spent more on holsters during my first year of carrying than my gun. And most of them were a complete waste of money– and some of them downright dangerous!

Has finding a practical way to carry been holding you back?

Get the clarity you've been wanting so you can start carrying!

Introducing Choosing a Holster, our online class that will get you carrying safely and effectively.

Choosing a Holster Class

Our new Choosing a Holster online class is an awesome course designed to help you confidently select a holster so that you can conceal carry and protect yourself in public.

This course helps new concealed carriers achieve confidence in carrying because finding a safe and effective holster is really difficult. Many who have taken our holster classes in the past have really gained comfort in public once they knew how to carry safely and effectively. 

If you are a new concealed carrier, or if you haven’t been able to find a good way to carry, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss. 

In this online class you will learn everything you want to know plus a lot more you didn't realize you needed to know.

The information is presented from a practical perspective. You won’t just learn the information. You’ll learn why it is all important and how to apply it to your individual needs. 
Choosing a Holster Workbook


You’ll get a printable course workbook full of helpful lists and resources. You’ll love the “holster lingo cheat sheet” to remind you of all the words you’ll want to know when shopping for holsters. The checklist will be super helpful to remind you of all the things to check when you are trying a new holster. There is also plenty of space to take notes to stay organized.

Just because someone calls it a holster and charges $79 for it, doesn't mean it is good.

Learn what makes a holster safe and effective

When I was new to concealed carry, I wasted hundreds of dollars on holsters that I would never use today because they are downright dangerous💀

Meet the Instructor

👋 Hi! I'm Alisha.

If you’ve already met me, you know I’m super passionate about helping people who are new to guns gain confidence. 

As someone who wasn’t always a “gun person”, I struggled as a new gun owner to figure things out. I love making your journey smoother than mine was. I want to save you ⌚time, 💰money and 🤕headache. 

I quit my job as a high school teacher in 2015 to become a full time firearms instructor. Since then I’ve trained thousands of concealed carry students in our Columbus, Ohio classes.

I can’t wait to meet you in the class! I’m so excited to help you figure out the practical side of concealed carry! 🎉 

Alisha Sadeski Training on the range
"I just wanted to say thank you! In the last two months I have finally started using a holster I like which means I'm finally carrying. Which in turn means I've felt comfortable leaving my house alone, comfortable driving, comfortable going to the grocery or other stores. I've gone out of my house and drove more alone in the last two months than I have in three years. It helps my anxiety immensely. I'm just so grateful for your class. I feel much safer having my gun on me."

I can't wait to help you gain that same peace of mind when you finally figure out how to carry!

Don't Miss it!

This 3 hour class will be taught live over Zoom twice. The live format gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

You can attend Tuesday Dec 7 at 6:00pm EST or Saturday Dec 11 at 9:00am EST. Or both! 

Registration also includes access to the training recording in case you miss it or want to review.


Finally learn how to carry safely and effectively.

You will save hundreds of dollars by not buying holsters that you later regret. 



Online Holster Course

$ 47
limited time!
  • Taught live over Zoom
  • Access to both sessions
  • Ask your questions
  • Workbook included
  • Access to the replay
  • For men & women


Most frequent questions and answers

This class will be taught live twice: Tuesday December 7, 2021 at 6:00pm and Saturday December 11, 2021 at 9:00am. Registered students will be able to attend either class. 

Life is busy and things happen. Registered students will also have access to a recording. It’s best to attend live so you can ask questions. But if something comes up, you could watch the replay. 

Zoom is free to use as a meeting attendee. You can get their free mobile app if you want to tune in using your mobile device. You can also access zoom through your computer. 

Registrants will get a special link that allows them to attend either of the live meetings. You can even attend both meetings if you would like. 

If you are unable to attend or if you want to rewatch the class, you’ll get a link to the video that will be available for 14 days after the course. 

Both! There are some minor points that might be different for males/females (we’ll talk about them). But the vast majority of the information applies to both males and females. 

This class isn’t designed to tell you the best holster out there. It’s designed to teach you what you need to know to evaluate if a holster is good for you. 

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