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Ladies, welcome to your tribe!

Rosie Pistol is a women's shooting group in Columbus, Ohio.

Learn, grow and practice in a safe and encouraging environment alongside other like-minded ladies.

We meet the last Monday of the month in April through October. 

Meetings start at 5:30 and end at 7:30

Our range is on private property in Canal Winchester. (The exact address will be emailed after you register.)

No commitment.
Come to SOME or ALL of the meetings.

Our group is friendly.
We welcome new ladies to join us!

2021 marks our 8th year as a group.

Register for a meeting!

About Rosie Pistol

We realized many ladies coming through our Armed2Defend concealed carry courses left the class feeling excited, but still too intimidated to go to a shooting range by themselves. 

We wanted to create a way for them to keep the momentum they built during class going after the class. 

Rosie Pistol was created to fill this need. Ladies often keep coming even after they feel comfortable on their own because they enjoy the friendships they build with the other ladies. 


Most frequent questions and answers

April through October we meet at Armed2Defend’s private outdoor range in Canal Winchester, Ohio (15 minutes southeast of downtown Columbus). We do not publish the exact address publicly. It will be sent to you after you register.

This is a private range on private property. There is no visiting allowed outside of the scheduled class time.

We can rent you a gun for $10 plus the cost of ammunition. Contact us ahead of time to arrange.

Any lady 21+ can participate. (Ladies 18+ can attend as well if accompanied by a lady over 21.)

You don’t have to have a concealed carry license, but you should have some basic shooting knowledge. This is not a full training course. The point of the meeting is more of an outlet to practice and grow as a shooter.

We will help you learn to shoot better at these meetings, but we can’t teach you everything from the beginning.

If you are brand new to guns, taking our concealed carry course is actually the perfect first step for you.

We usually spend the first 30 minutes as discussion time around the topics that are on your mind.

Then we usually move to doing some dry fire exercises. Then the last hour we do live fire. It’s different than just going to a range by yourself because we have lots of instructors helping out.

It’s not exactly a training class. And it’s not just range time. It’s somewhere in the middle. 

Bring your gun(s) & ammo. 

If you have ear & eye protection of your own, bring it. If you don’t, you can borrow some for free.

If it is hot, consider bringing water. If it is chilly, bring a jacket. (Our range is covered but it is outdoor.)

It is $30 per meeting. This covers your range time, targets, ear/eye protection if you need to borrow it, and assistance from our instructors. While it is not a full on training class, there will be several instructors there to offer you suggestions and general support if you have questions or want feedback. 

We also have some amazing training tools! You can use them for no charge during the meetings. One of the tools you can borrow is the Mantis X10: See more about the Mantis here!

To avoid a hot brass invasion, it’s always a good idea not to wear low cut shirts while shooting. Some women like to wear a hat while shooting.

Plan to wear comfortable closed toe shoes (or bring a pair to change into if coming from work). Our range is dusty gravel (and sometimes muddy after it rains).

The range is outdoors so dressing for the weather is important. (Layers so you can adjust as needed as the temperature fluctuates in the evening are recommended.)

Sometimes things come up. We understand. We don’t offer refunds. But, as long as the meeting is more than 72 hours away, you can reschedule for a new date without losing your registration fees. 

These meetings always fill up! And we hire alot of instructors to help on the range. 

Once the meeting is less than 72 hours away, there is no way to reschedule without losing the $30. 

If the meeting is still more than 72 hours away, you can reschedule yourself using the unique link you receive in your registration confirmation email. 

I wish we could fit infinite ladies! These meetings fill up so fast and I hate when other ladies who want to join us can’t get a spot. 🙁

The ladies who are registered have until 3 days out to reschedule. So check back when the the meeting is 3-4 days away and some spots might show as available if anyone reschedules.

(My scheduling system doesn’t have a waitlist feature but I am going to try and get something in place that could sort of function as a waitlist so I can contact people hoping for a spot if a last minute opening comes up!)

We only have our regular meetings April – October. But we try to keep the “community” spirit alive during our ‘off season’ from November – March. We have gotten together at restaurants for little “girls night out” type get togethers to stay in touch during those months. 

Hi! I'm Alisha.

I spend most of my time running Armed2Defend with my husband Kevin, but Rosie Pistol holds a special place in my heart.

I’m passionate about helping women feel welcomed into the gun world.

Because the gun world stereotypically feels very male dominated, women can often feel out of place. It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way. (In fact, in my experience training thousands of concealed carriers each year, I find women are often better shooters than men!)

If this is a world you want to belong to, I want you to feel welcomed. Supported. Encouraged. Empowered. And I want you to have a community

I hope you will join us and see what our sisterhood is all about. 

Looking to get your concealed carry license?

We can help you with that! 

We offer the best training around.


$ 90
  • 3 Modules Over Zoom
  • 1 In Person Range Session
  • Flexible

In Person

$ 110
  • All In Person
  • One Day: 9am-5:30pm
  • Saturday & Weekday Options
  • Free Passport Style Photo

Women's In Person

$ 135
  • All In Person
  • One Day: 9am-6pm
  • Smaller Class Size
  • More hands-on exercises
  • Female Focused Curriculum
  • Free Passport Style Photo

We offer the best concealed carry training in Ohio

But don’t just take our word for it. 

We have 1,000+ reviews from former students.

Eric R.
Eric R.
13:15 05 Jun 21
this was a very professional and customer oriented company …the instructors were great and I like the hybrid class setup online and in person for range…
Monica M.
Monica M.
15:32 24 Apr 21
I must admit the class I attended last month was so informative. I was amazed how thorough and interesting the class was for everyone. I finally had my appointment for my license and I was prepared for everything needed down to the photo.Thanks so much for everything and sharing your passion of defense.Monica M
Megan L.
Megan L.
23:33 13 Mar 21
Highly recommend! Very nice and informative
Aaron B.
Aaron B.
22:20 07 Mar 21
This class was one of the best classes I’ve taken. It was fun and entertaining as well as informative. I felt the upselled everything, yet everything they sold was only high quality products that they believed in. Now I believe in them too. They’re motto, “It’s a lifestyle.” is something I’ve already learned to adapt.
christine B.
christine B.
22:15 07 Mar 21
I had an incredible experience with the class yesterday. I had some knowledge as to what was to be expected. The class was informative and educational. For me the best part of the day was the drive home, my 22 year old son was with me and the knowledge he gained from the experience. I would highly recommend this company.
Christine B.
Christine B.
22:12 07 Mar 21
My 22 year old son and I attended the class yesterday. To say we err impressed is an understatement. The instructors were fabulous and answered all of our questions. They had excellent scenarios to help us better understand this life choice. The range was awesome and we watched people who had never handled a weapon become confident in their abilities. It was truly an incredible experience. I highly recommend Arm2defend
Joseph G.
Joseph G.
21:23 07 Mar 21
As someone who has taken NRA Pistol classes before, I was happily surprised that the range training for the CHL featured 5+ NRA Instructors, as well as the leaders of the training, Alisha, and Kevin who are NRA Instructors themselves. Most other training providers I considedred don’t provide instruction during the training process, and the investment in qualified NRA Instructors made me feel much better about this training over the others that I investigated before applying for my CHL. This is a great Company to use whether you’re an experienced shooter, or have never shot a gun before. You will feel more comfortable with a firearm, and understand the responsibilities you have as a firearm owner by going through this company. Would highly recommend.
Chris B.
Chris B.
14:05 07 Mar 21
I signed up to get my conceal handgun license and was incredibly impressed by this team. They held an on line class as well as an in person class….
Brandi M.
Brandi M.
23:52 06 Mar 21
This was a great class to attend. The instructors were very knowledgeable on all the information given. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for this type of class.
Jason F.
Jason F.
23:17 28 Feb 21
Took the class last week. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about attending CCW training. Great class, Great Instructors
Tony J.
Tony J.
19:25 20 Feb 21
Great class and great detail for CCW holders.
Bobbie S.
Bobbie S.
01:28 17 Jan 21
Took my class today! Would recommend to anyone! Such great people running this program and so much one on one attention in the range. Thanks so much! Bobbie Sheets

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