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An encouraging environment of like-minded ladies.

About Rosie Pistol

Many ladies come through Armed2Defend concealed carry courses feeling really excited about all they learned but still too intimidated to go to a shooting range by themselves. 

We created Rosie Pistol as a way for ladies to keep the momentum they built during class going.

Be a part of

the sisterhood


We start each meeting off with 30 minutes of discussion on whatever topics come up. Bring questions and get advice and insight. We all learn from each other through discussion and sharing our experiences.


We do both dry fire and live fire practice. There will be many instructors supporting you and providing tips and suggestions. We use tools and training aids that help us understand our shooting errors and how to fix them.


Since the gun world can feel very "male dominated", it is so refreshing to build bonds with other ladies who enjoy learning to be confident gun owners.


This isn't a membership. You don't have to commit to "joining" anything. You can come when you want. That might mean coming to one meeting. Or it could mean coming to all. Or something in between.


April through October we meet at Armed2Defend’s private outdoor range in Canal Winchester, Ohio (20 minutes southeast of downtown Columbus). 

We do not publish the exact address publicly. It will be sent to you after you register. This is a private range on private property. There is no visiting allowed outside of the scheduled class time.

Most of the ladies bring their own gun. They come to Rosie Pistol to practice and get more comfortable with what they own. 

But it isn’t necessarily required. We can rent you one of our guns for a $10 rental fee. (Ammo would be an additional fee that varies based on caliber.  Or you can bring your own ammo in the caliber you plan to rent.)

If planning to rent, please reach out to us ahead of time so we can be sure we have what you need ready when you get there.  You would pay the rental fees at the meeting, not in advance.

Any lady 21+ can participate. Ladies 18+ can attend as well if accompanied by a lady over 21. 

You don’t have to have a concealed carry license, but you do need to have basic shooting knowledge.

This is not a full training course. The point of the meeting is to be an outlet to practice and grow as a shooter.

If you are brand new to guns, taking our concealed carry course is the perfect first step for you. Even though we call it the “concealed carry course”, it is basically a handgun 101 course. You will learn all the basics. Then you can come to Rosie Pistol to practice and build your skill. 

We spend the first 30 minutes as open discussion time. Bring your questions and topics you want to discuss. 

Next we move to doing some dry fire exercises using some really cool technology. You can master the fundamentals faster when you remove recoil. The dry fire time is so valuable!

Then we will move to doing live fire. This is where we validate the dry fire practice we jsut did. We add in recoil and make sure we can still do all that we did without it.

It’s not a training class. But it’s also not just “range time.” It’s somewhere in the middle.

Bring your gun(s) & ammo.

If you have ear & eye protection of your own, bring it. If you don’t, you can borrow some for free.

If it is hot, consider bringing water. If it is chilly, bring a jacket. (Our range is covered but it is outdoor.)

It is $35 per meeting. This covers your range time, targets, ear/eye protection if you need to borrow it, and assistance from our instructors.

While it is not a full on training class, there will be several instructors there to offer you suggestions and general support if you have questions or want feedback.

We also have some amazing training tools! You can use them at no charge during the meetings.

To avoid a hot brass invasion, it’s always a good idea not to wear low cut shirts while shooting. Some ladies like to wear a hat while shooting. 

Plan to wear comfortable closed toe shoes (or bring a pair to change into if coming from work). Our range is dusty gravel (and sometimes muddy after it rains). 

The range is outdoors so dressing for the weather is important. (Layers are recommended so you can adjust as needed as the temperature can sometimes drop quickly in the evening.)

Sometimes things come up. We understand. We don’t offer refunds. But as long as the meeting is more than 72 hours away, you can reschedule for a new date without losing your registration fees.

In fact, rescheduling is easy. You will receive a special link by text and email when you register. You will be able to reschedule yourself using that link.

These meetings always fill up! And we schedule a lot of instructors to help on the range. Once the meeting is less than 72 hours away, there is no way to reschedule without losing the fees you paid. The unique link will stop working when the meeting start time is 72 hours away. 

I wish we could fit infinite ladies! These meetings fill up so fast. I hate when ladies who want to join us can’t get a spot.

It is possible that spots will open up if anyone who is registered reschedules to a different date. The deadline to reschedule is 72 hours out. So you may see some spots open up 4 or 5 days out. 

I’ve created a “wait list”. Use this form to tell me you want to know if spots open for a particular date. 

It gets dark early in the winter. And it gets rather chilly. 

We still try to keep the “community” spirit alive during our ‘off season’. We sometimes get together for little “girls nights out” and such to stay in touch during those months. 

Alisha Sadeski Training on the range

Hi there! I'm Alisha.

In 2010 I was a total gun newbie. I remember feeling intimidated and nervous as I navigated my way through. My experience felt lonely. That is why I am passionate about helping other women feel welcomed into the gun world. 

I want ladies to have a place they can go to feel supported as they continue practicing and learning. 

The gun world feels stereotypically male dominated. If this is a world you want to belong to, I want you to feel welcomed. Supported. Encouraged. Empowered. Connected.

I can’t wait to connect with you in this community we call Rosie Pistol. 💛

Learn. Grow. Connect.

Be a part of the sisterhood.