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With all of the proposed gun bans and attacks on our firearm rights, now is the time to support the NRA so that they can work even harder to maintain and improve our firearm and self-defense rights. The NRA is the largest civil rights organization in the world and every member gives them more authority to protect our firearm rights.

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NRA Membership Kimber Contest Winners

Join the NRA and Get entered to win a Kimber 1911 Pistol Package!


1st – April 2013: Daniel from Canton, OH
2nd – June 2013: Saundra from Columbus, OH
3rd – October 2013: Ron from Westerville, OH
4th – July 2014: William from Grove City, OH
5th – March 2015: Jeannine from Gahanna, OH
6th – March 2016: Tina from Gahanna, OH
7th – March 2017: Adam from Bexley, OH
8th – Could be you!

Kimber Prize Package to be Awarded

The Kimber prize package is worth over $1100. It contains the following items:

Kimber Ultra Carry II with hard carry case and Kimber gun lock.
It has a 3 in barrel.
Retail Value: $919.00

Cleaning Gun Cleaning Kit
Retail Value: $17.50

Self-Defense ammunition for your Kimber, 45 auto.
Two boxes of 20 rounds each.
Retail Value: around $55.70

Custom made inside the waistband (ISW) holster donated by Kyhide or similar.
Retail Value: $55

Ammunition in 45 AUTO.
Two boxes of 50 rounds.
Retail Value: $55.98

Firearm transfer donated/provided by Alpha Star Tactical.
Retail Value: $15

An hour of personal instruction from our Kimber expert, NRA Certified Instructor Stan. Instruction will include how to use, clean and maintain your new Kimber. This instruction includes range time at our Canal Winchester Training Center.