Expert Concealed Carry Training

With over 7,000 trained, Armed2Defend is Ohio’s concealed handgun (CCW, CHL) license trainer. Our goal is to provide the highest quality firearms training at the lowest price possible. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students confirms that Armed2Defend is offering an unparalleled pistol training experience at an amazing price. It is important that concealed carriers are well trained and our course’s curriculum is built by a collaboration of experts to ensure that you are provided the best all-inclusive basic pistol training in Ohio. We also go the extra mile to make the licensing and training process as convenient as possible.

Chief Instructor Kevin Sadeski has personally trained over 7,000 satisfied students giving them the life-savings confidence to know when and how to use a firearm for self-defense. From an attorney taught legal section, to one-on-one pistol instruction, to providing everything that you need for your Ohio license application, we truly are your best choice in concealed carry training!