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Ohio Concealed Carry License

Armed2Defend LLC wants to help responsible Ohio citizens obtain the Ohio, Arizona, and Florida Concealed Carry License (CCW, CHL) as easily and as economically as possible. The training fee is $90. There are no hidden charges. At the end of the class day, you will receive everything that is needed in order to apply for your Ohio CHL with a county sheriff (except for the sheriff fee's). Attorney taught Ohio law presentation is given at each class by Ken Hanson.  Click here to register.

Armed2Defend Student on Range

Marksmanship Qualification
Armed2Defend hosts the Winchester / NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. To get more details please click here.

Increase the Number of Sates That You Can Carry In

Armed2Defend's concealed carry training class covers the Ohio, Arizona and Florida CCW license training requirements. The Ohio License will cover you in 33 states, adding the Arizona non-resident license will add 3 states. The non-residence Florida license alone will cover you in 30 states or you can add it to your Ohio license to add 2 states (these states are also covered by the Arizona license).

There are no additional fees to Armed2Defend for this training, it is included in the Ohio concealed carry training class. To get details on each state license click on the link below:


More detailed information is covered in class on reciprocity.

Ohio CHL Renewal Training
As of March 27, 2013, Ohio no longer requires renewal training.  You can apply for your license renewal using the application form and by paying the renewal fees. Contact your sheriff's office for renewal application procedures.

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Ken Hanson - Attorney
The law portion is taught by Attorney Ken Hanson, an expert in Ohio's gun laws and author of Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws. He specializes in defending Ohio concealed carriers in court and he recently wrote the changes to Ohio's concealed carry laws allowing for the restaurant carry and removing the car carry restrictions. Click here to go to his site.

Armed2Defend LLC

Armed2Defend LLC is a legal entity and is fully insured for both accidental and liability. Student competency records are maintained securely and properly for if they are needed in a self-defense court case. Student's privacy and security is our utmost concern. Attorney Ken Hanson handles Armed2Defend's legal matters. 

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If you would like to help spread the word about Armed2Defend and help others save money on training, here is a flyer that you can use to put on bulletin boards. Please only post the flyer legally. Let me know if you have problems with the file and if you have suggestions. Thank You!

Armed2Defend CCW Range Qualification

Ohio Concealed Handgun

License Training Only $90.

Guaranteed to Meet Ohio's

Training Requirement.

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Upcoming Class Dates:

Ohio Concealed Carry Training

April 19 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester

April 24 (Thursday)- Reynoldsburg

May 3 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg

May 13 (Tuesday)- Reynoldsburg

May 24 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg

June 7 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg

June 11 (Wednesday)- Reynoldsburg

June 28 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg


NRA Pistol Instructor Training -Teach Ohio Concealed Carry!

May 17 & 18 - Reynoldsburg

July 19 & 20 - Reynoldsburg


Defensive Pistol Training

April 19 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester

May 10 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester

June 21 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester


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What's Included?

The concealed carry class fee includes all of these benefits:

1. Usage of all classroom materials. 

2. Usage of all range materials, including a handgun (22lr), ammunition (22lr) and safety equipment.  

3. Everything that is needed in order to apply for the Ohio concealed carry license including a passport photo (value: $8-$10). 

4. A 2 hour Ohio gun law presentation and question session with attorney/author Ken Hanson.  Includes Ohio concealed carry law and self defense.

5. Opportunity to test out recommended popular conceal carry handguns with only the cost of the ammunition and with no additional rental fees.  These include Springfield Xds (45 AUTO), Smith and Wesson M&P 40 compact and M&P 9mm, Ruger LC9 (9mm), LCR (38 special), and LCP (380 auto), and Kel-Tec P3AT (380 auto) with Crimson Trace Laser.  

6. Certificate is good for the Ohio, the Florida and the Arizona concealed carry license training requirements with no additional fees.


Ohio Concealed Carry License Application Process

Ohio sheriff officer evaluating a concealed handgun carry license (CHL, CCW) application.

5 Steps to Getting an Ohio Concealed Handgun License:

1. Verify that you are eligible to apply for the license. See "Who can apply for a license?" in the how to register page.

2. Register and attend Armed2Defend's concealed carry license class. This will get you a Certificate of Competency, a passport size photo, a copy of the Ohio attorney general's CCW law pamphlet, and the application.

3. Review the Ohio Attorney General's pamphlet on Ohio Concealed Carry Laws.

4. Call the sheriff's office in your county or an adjoining county to schedule a concealed carry license appointment.

5. Bring your filled out application, course completion certificate, passport photo, a photo ID, and the license fee to your appointment. They might take a new picture for your concealed handgun license and you may need to be fingerprinted at the appointment.

Armed2Defend Handgun Range instruction

It typically takes a few days after your appointment for the sheriff to process your paperwork and to print your concealed handgun license.

Do not bring a firearm when applying for or picking up your concealed handgun license. You don't have a CCW license to conceal carry until after you physically have the concealed handgun license in your hand. The license is designed similar to a driver's license.

Find a sheriff's office

Armed2Defend Ohio concealed handgun carry students taking the concealed carry training class test for the Ohio concealed weapons license

Why So "Cheap"?
Why does Armed2Defend offer all of this for less then any other CCW training company? Lead Instructor Kevin Sadeski believes that Ohio becomes safer with every responsible citizen who receives their concealed handgun license and who carries a pistol confidently. Unfortunately, the freedom of concealed carry has become a big business and therefore it has become less attainable to some due to high cost instruction. In order to open the freedom to more people, he and others have worked hard to keep the class fee to a minimum while still providing top quality instruction.

With more responsible confident concealed carries in Ohio, the criminal's workplace becomes more hostile and our life becomes more safe.

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