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Simple Ways to
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These products will make simple changes to your home to prevent home invasions and burglaries.

Why Home Protection?

The FBI Reports that over 60% of burglaries happen in residences in 2019 (latest report in 2022). 

There were 576,607 residential burglaries reported. That is one burglary every minute in the United States.

Most home burglaries happen during the day. 

Home burglaries during the day:


Home burglaries during the night:


Home burglaries not categorized:


How to criminals break into homes? 

This answer might surprise you. If you wanted to get into your home, the easiest way is your front door. 

This is also the preferred way for criminals. 

Front door: 34%

Back door or screen door: 22%

First floor windows: 22%

Criminals will enter a door 56% of the time over 22% for windows.

Exterior Door Protection

Since criminals prefer the convenience of doors, lets see some simple ways we can improve the security of our home by securing the doors

Kwikset Deadbolt

Door Locks and Deadbolts

The best way to give your exterior doors security is to have a good lock. Deadbolts are a must for securing the door. When shopping look for the ANSI grade for the lock. There are three levels, Grades 1, 2, and 3. Grade 1 is the highest and the one you should buy. Handle locks do not have the strength to stop an intruder. 

⭐Grade 1 are more durable and can withstand 10 strikes with 75 lbs. This is the recommended grade to buy!

Grade 2 have moderate durability and can withstand 5 strikes at 75 lbs.

Grade 3 have the least durability and can withstand 2 strikes at 75 lbs.  

Door Enforcing

After you have a good deadbolt, you must secure your door, jam, and hinges. Standard doors and jams will break within a few good kicks. Installing a protection system on your door will make even the SWAT team climb through windows. 

Video explaining how door armor strengthens a door:

Video showing strength of door armor:

Door Viewer

This door viewer allows you to stand away from the door and see what is on the other side with a wide angle view. Since you don’t have to go close to the door to see who is outside, it allows you to be less detected by potential intruders. I have installed several of the Defender Security brand and the results are fantastic. It is almost like a small tv screen. 

It can only be viewed from the inside out. The outside is a prism and there is no way it can be viewed from the outside. 

One issue is that it requires good lighting on the outside to view. So if your front porch is dim, then it’s not a good option for night time. 

Sliding Door Locks

Just like you want a deadbolt on your doors, you want a good lock on your siding doors. There are a few types. Generally they need to protect from the different ways intruders can open sliding doors. They can be forced to slide open or lifted off the track and removed just like they are installed or uninstalled. A good lock will prevent both of these entries.  

Sliding door security lock:

Security bar:

Exterior Window Protection

Windows can be an easy point of entry on a house. There are many ways they can be secured to help prevent entry. 

Window styles vary and you’ll probably have to do more research on your window style to find good locking solutions. 

Window Pin Lock

We have double hung windows in our house and I installed these to prevent the window from being able to open unless if the pin is removed. Before we moved in to our house, someone was able to break a window lock and enter the house. A pin like this will make that impossible without destroying the entire window frame. 

They are easy to install if you know how to use a drill. I don’t install the pin all the way to completely lock, it is very difficult to like up the security feature to unlock it, especially in an emergency.  

Metal Window Locks

If you currently have plastic window locks, it is a good idea to update to metal locks. Metal locks are stronger and can take more leverage than plastic ones. 

Plan to also use longer screws to hold the lock securely. But don’t go to long to hit the glass. 

Window Security Film

Locks on windows are great to stop them from being opened, but another easy way to enter a window is by breaking it. Adding a security film to the window can prevent the window from being broken for entry. The glass breaks but the film is nearly impossible to break. 

The film can be clear so it isn’t noticeable. It is applied just like tent is added to car windows. 

New windows can be order with a film installed. There are additional security features that be added to new windows. 

Privacy Window Film

Have a window that you can’t add a blind or curtain? Then privacy window film might be a good option. This allows light to come inside but doesn’t allow for potential burglars to see what’s inside. 

Window Curtains and Blinds

Don’t want someone to see in your house? Window blinds or curtains are a great way to do this. Sheer curtains that let in sunlight help to block a view during the day but more light blocking curtains or blinds need to be used at night.

Home Security & Video Systems

If a criminal knows that your house has a home alarm system and a video system, they will probably choose a different house to burglarize. 

Most criminals don’t want to get caught or to have attention drawn to them.

There are many other types of systems available but here are just a few. 

Ring Camera and Alarm Systems

Just like “Duck” tape, the Ring brand has become a household name in video systems with their Ring doorbell camera. Along with the video capabilities, you can add an alarm system this is easy to setup and install. Plus the monthly fees are much lower than with traditional alarm companies. 

The cameras can be added for inside or outside use. There are plugged in and battery powered versions to make install even easier. 

Simplisafe Camera and Alarm System

I have used SimpliSafe in some vacant homes that I owned when remodeling them. Two times it saved my tools and materials from burglary. One time the intruder broke a window and entered but quickly left through a door after the alarm sounded. The second time they pried open a window breaking the plastic lock to enter. They either didn’t enter or quickly exited after the alarm sounded. Opening the window would have triggered the alarm. None of my tools or materials were stolen. 

Like Ring, these systems are easy to self-install and they have low monthly fees. SimpliSafe can run the alarm on cellular so no WIFI is required. However, the cameras do require WIFI. 

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We're certified instructors who want to help you conceal carry legally.

Since 2010, we’ve trained around 25,000 in our Ohio concealed carry courses. We’ve also trained over 700 NRA and USCCA Certified Instructors and have earned nearly 1000 5-star reviews on Google, plus over 460 Facebook recommendations from our graduates. Additionally, we’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award since 2013.

But, here’s what matters way, way more to us: These accomplishments mean nothing if we fail to serve you. That’s why, for each student we teach, the world turns off for a window of time, and we zero in hard on how we can help you practically learn how to build your confidence and skill.

We can't wait to meet you!

Having the Ohio concealed carry (CHL, CCW) allows you to travel to other states

You might still be wondering...

Our range is on private property in Canal Winchester, Ohio (20 minutes southeast of Columbus, Ohio). Our range is covered but mostly open air. We have heaters or fans depending on the temperature, but you’ll want to dress for the weather. We also have lights.

We have range safety equipment that you can borrow for free. These include eye protection and ear protection. We require side shields for glasses to protect from casing that fly sideways.

For a restroom, we have a port-a-pot at the range, but we’re only here for the 2 hours.


In fact if you DON’T have a gun yet, we strongly encourage you to wait until after taking the training to purchase one.

I don’t have a handgun:

You can rent a 22 lr caliber pistol and ammo for $10.  You can make this payment when you sign up for a session.

Pistol Samper: Don’t know what gun to buy yet? An optional add on to our range training is the opportunity to test fire 15 different concealed carry handguns. The $50 fee to do this also includes the ammunition. This is done in addition to your standard range training. But we’ll have it all done within the 2 hours of range training. This is an awesome value, it would cost more than $50 just to rent one gun at a local range. After you shoot the 15 guns you’ll know what gun you want to buy. This is important because it will be the gun you like to shoot, not the gun someone says you should buy. You also make notes when shooting so that you’ll remember which guns you liked and didn’t like. You can read more about it here. You don’t have to pre-purchase it, you can buy it at the training.

I have a handgun:

If you have a gun, we strongly encourage you to bring it. The training will be much more meaningful to you if you get trained on what you own. You’ll need to provide ammo for the training as well. Typically it is around 20-50 shots for the range training. You can bring ammo or purchase it at the class. We don’t have casing or bullet restrictions on our range. But we want to keep it to standard handguns and not AR style pistols.

To bring your own gun, be sure that it is unloaded, including having your magazines unloaded. And keep it in a closed box, bag, or case. Just something to safely store it so that it isn’t out. You can bring it into the range but don’t take it out of the case until the instructor specifically asks you to take it out. For the safety of everyone in the class, handling a gun without instruction is a quick way to get dismissed from the class.


In fact, we see lots of students week in and week out who have never touched a gun before.

We start at the beginner level. There is no prior knowledge you need to be successful. You are coming to class to have us TEACH you. So don’t try to prepare and learn it all before.

Actually, we find that often the complete newbies are better shooters than people who have some experience!! They are fresh canvases and they soak up the new knowledge. Sometimes experienced shooters have bad habits that are hard to break.

We will teach you everything you need to know. You will walk away with so much knowledge and a new sense of confidence about handling and shooting handguns!

If you haven’t completed a basic course yet, then we highly recommend that first. The classroom portion of the course will cover more details on safety, laws, and shooting techniques then we’ll be able to teach just on the range. You can see our class here.

Anyone 18 or older can take our training course. However, please understand that you must be 21 possess and transport a handgun.

*Please note: Anyone under 21 would not be legally able to transport a gun to class. This is no problem at all. They can rent one of our .22’s. Or if a friend or family member 21+ is also attending the class that day, they can transport a gun for the underage person.

We do require full payment ahead of time. There is a lot that goes into training day preparation on our end. We prepare paperwork specific to each student and hire instructors to assist.

The billing information doesn’t have to registering student for the online transactions. So if you can give the cash to a friend or family member and use their card for the billing section that works just fine.

Please note that we do not have a storefront location for doing in person transactions. We are unable to arrange for in person payments before class.

We choose not to train pregnant women on our range because of the potential for hearing damage to the baby and the exposure to toxic substances (lead) that are an unavoidable part of shooting.

If you feel that you must complete this training, we’ll require a doctor’s note. We’ll keep a copy of it for our records. 

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