Constitutional Carry Webinar Resources

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Ohio constitutional carry informational video

What is changing?

What is not changing

Why get the license?

States you can carry in as an Ohio resident

Bill Analysis

This document summarizes the changes.

Law Language

This is the actual wording.


If you are applying or renewing the license this is the application you use. However, reading this questions could also help someone who is planning to carry without the license see if they are a “qualifying adult”

Ohio Law Summary PDF

This is required reading for anyone applying for the license. Anyone planning to conceal carry a handgun without obtaining a license, should also consider it required reading for themselves.

Gun Laws when Traveling

This is a great resource for seeing the laws of each state! 

Getting in trouble for unknowingly breaking laws while traveling would ruin your trip. Do the research ahead of time using this FREE resource!


Both Kevin and Alisha are members. We want you to protect yourself not just physically, but also financially and legally. 

Don’t forget that membership comes with a 365 day money back guarantee.

Refresh Training

Going to the range and putting holes in paper doesn’t necessarily make you a better shooter. Come do refresh range training with our instructors to master the fundamentals.

Range training in Ohio concealed carry (CCW, CHL) class

Rosie Pistol

Rosie Pistol happens the 4th Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm.

Law of Self Defense

As Andrew Branca says “You carry a gun so you are hard to kill. Know the law so you are hard to convict.”

This book is not an easy, quick read. But it is thorough! If you want a better understanding of self defense law, this is perfect book. 

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