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Learn Ohio's Constitutional Carry and Self-Defense Laws!

Don’t loose your freedom, get confident in Ohio’s concealed carry laws for 2022

Even if you don’t want the license. Learn the how to legally carry with Ohio’s constitutional carry.

Ohio constitutional carry and self defense workshop

Not sure if you're legal?

Topics included:

we get it. This is why we’re here to help.

At Armed2Defend, you'll learn what it takes to legally conceal carry and act in self-defense in ohio!

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Awesome CCW/CHL training. Kevin and Alisha are top notch instructors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their field. Their style of teaching accommodates newer and seasoned firearm enthusiasts. They covered state requirements while also encouraging student questions were addressed on the spot.
My husband and I really enjoyed our experience with Armed2Defend. The classes were very informative but didn’t feel stuffy or intimidating. The owners are extremely personable and answered everyone’s questions happily... I would recommend Armed2Defend to any new or experienced firearm user!
Lauren Beaver
Armed2Defend is a great learning experience. Given the gravity of gun ownership, responsible knowledge required to possess, and skill required to carry out your rights, this is one organization dedicated solely to those who want ownership and concealed carry.
Ronald Porter

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Each person attending must register separately

Classes are held at the Wagnalls Memorial Library at 122 E. Columbus ST Lithopolis OH 43136. 

Click here for directions to the clasSROOM 

We’re not attorney’s – These Sessions are not to be considered legal advice

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Hi there, we're

We're certified instructors who want to help you conceal carry legally.

Since 2010, we’ve trained around 25,000 in our Ohio concealed carry courses. We’ve also trained over 700 NRA and USCCA Certified Instructors and have earned nearly 1000 5-star reviews on Google, plus over 460 Facebook recommendations from our graduates. Additionally, we’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award since 2013.

But, here’s what matters way, way more to us: These accomplishments mean nothing if we fail to serve you. That’s why, for each student we teach, the world turns off for a window of time, and we zero in hard on how we can help you practically learn how to build your confidence and skill.

We can't wait to meet you!

Having the Ohio concealed carry (CHL, CCW) allows you to travel to other states

The goal isn't to just hope that you're legal

You want to be trained

Good news we keep our class fun and engaging. Here’s what you can expect instead:

Armed2Defend Ohio concealed carry legal seminar

Super-practical training.

Everyone's understanding of concealed carry and self-defense laws varies. And the internet is full of bad information. It is difficult to know the real details to stay out of trouble.

We want you to walk away with more than just training — we want you to leave with unwavering confidence, no matter how you felt before.

What to expect at this legal training?

Relax and enjoy the training! We’ll be sure that your experience is safe and effective. 

Ohio Constitutional Carry and Self Defense Class


You can bring a pen and paper to take notes. We'll provide a guided notes sheet for you to use.
You're welcome to bring any snacks or drinks that you would like.
There will be optional training materials to purchase if you would like. But no additional purchases are necessary.


Please plan to arrive 15 minutes or so early to get checked in and find a seat before we start. 
When you arrive please see the staff in the back of the classroom room to check in. Nothing formal, just letting us know you're here and we'll give you the guided note sheet.
You'll be allowed to sit in any open seat. If registering with a group, please let us know in the form so we can try our best to save seats. But the best bet is to come early to save seats.


When you arrive please see the staff in the back of the classroom room to check in. Nothing formal, just letting us know you're here and we'll give you the guided note sheet.
You'll be allowed to sit in any open seat. If registering with a group, please let us know in the form so we can try our best to save seats. But the best bet is to come early to save seats.


Please be sure to arrive 15 or so minutes early so that we can get started on time. You won't want to miss any information.


You're going to love this constitutional carry workshop. We'll cover the all the important information thoroughly without the fluff. 1. Ohio's specific gun laws for constitutional carry.
2. When to fight and when not to - Learn the details on "reasonable use of force". 3. The Two things that must be true to legally justify the use of deadly force.
4. You'll understand how a prosecutor evaluates a self-defense case so you can be legally prepared.
5. You'll learn the steps you need to take to properly and justifiably defend yourself and loved ones.
6. Learn resources to find more details on firearm and self-defense laws.
7. Traffic stops and other law enforcement encounters.
8. Learn how to travel with your firearms.
10. What happens after you act in self-defense.

You might still be wondering...

Our range is on private property in Canal Winchester, Ohio (20 minutes southeast of Columbus, Ohio). Our range is covered but mostly open air. We have heaters or fans depending on the temperature, but you’ll want to dress for the weather. We also have lights.

We have range safety equipment that you can borrow for free. These include eye protection and ear protection. We require side shields for glasses to protect from casing that fly sideways.

For a restroom, we have a port-a-pot at the range, but we’re only here for the 2 hours.


In fact if you DON’T have a gun yet, we strongly encourage you to wait until after taking the training to purchase one.

I don’t have a handgun:

You can rent a 22 lr caliber pistol and ammo for $10.  You can make this payment when you sign up for a session.

Pistol Samper: Don’t know what gun to buy yet? An optional add on to our range training is the opportunity to test fire 15 different concealed carry handguns. The $50 fee to do this also includes the ammunition. This is done in addition to your standard range training. But we’ll have it all done within the 2 hours of range training. This is an awesome value, it would cost more than $50 just to rent one gun at a local range. After you shoot the 15 guns you’ll know what gun you want to buy. This is important because it will be the gun you like to shoot, not the gun someone says you should buy. You also make notes when shooting so that you’ll remember which guns you liked and didn’t like. You can read more about it here. You don’t have to pre-purchase it, you can buy it at the training.

I have a handgun:

If you have a gun, we strongly encourage you to bring it. The training will be much more meaningful to you if you get trained on what you own. You’ll need to provide ammo for the training as well. Typically it is around 20-50 shots for the range training. You can bring ammo or purchase it at the class. We don’t have casing or bullet restrictions on our range. But we want to keep it to standard handguns and not AR style pistols.

To bring your own gun, be sure that it is unloaded, including having your magazines unloaded. And keep it in a closed box, bag, or case. Just something to safely store it so that it isn’t out. You can bring it into the range but don’t take it out of the case until the instructor specifically asks you to take it out. For the safety of everyone in the class, handling a gun without instruction is a quick way to get dismissed from the class.


In fact, we see lots of students week in and week out who have never touched a gun before.

We start at the beginner level. There is no prior knowledge you need to be successful. You are coming to class to have us TEACH you. So don’t try to prepare and learn it all before.

Actually, we find that often the complete newbies are better shooters than people who have some experience!! They are fresh canvases and they soak up the new knowledge. Sometimes experienced shooters have bad habits that are hard to break.

We will teach you everything you need to know. You will walk away with so much knowledge and a new sense of confidence about handling and shooting handguns!

If you haven’t completed a basic course yet, then we highly recommend that first. The classroom portion of the course will cover more details on safety, laws, and shooting techniques then we’ll be able to teach just on the range. You can see our class here.

Anyone 18 or older can take our training course. However, please understand that you must be 21 possess and transport a handgun.

*Please note: Anyone under 21 would not be legally able to transport a gun to class. This is no problem at all. They can rent one of our .22’s. Or if a friend or family member 21+ is also attending the class that day, they can transport a gun for the underage person.

We do require full payment ahead of time. There is a lot that goes into training day preparation on our end. We prepare paperwork specific to each student and hire instructors to assist.

The billing information doesn’t have to registering student for the online transactions. So if you can give the cash to a friend or family member and use their card for the billing section that works just fine.

Please note that we do not have a storefront location for doing in person transactions. We are unable to arrange for in person payments before class.

We choose not to train pregnant women on our range because of the potential for hearing damage to the baby and the exposure to toxic substances (lead) that are an unavoidable part of shooting.

If you feel that you must complete this training, we’ll require a doctor’s note. We’ll keep a copy of it for our records. 

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Protection is everything.

The truth is, our world is crazy. We want you to have the tools, training, and confidence you deserve to feel safe, secure, and always ready to protect those you love.

Give yourself the option to carry.

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