More people aiming at getting guns – NBC4

NBC4 Staff – PATASKALA, Ohio (WCMH)–“I believe we have seen maybe 15 to 20 percent increase in gun sales,” said Steven Garavuso of The Bullet Ranch in Pataskala.

Garavuso says the increase is being triggered by terrorism, and people who need to defend themselves in uncertain times. “I think people are finally realizing they have to take responsibility for their own protection,” said Garavuso.

However, Garavuso says talk of new gun restrictions is echoing the spike in gun sales too. “I’m worried that I won’t be able to buy a gun someday, so they want to buy something before anything drastic were to happen; government wise.”

Kevin Sadeski, of Armed to Defend in Canal Winchester, is seeing the big increase in gun sales too. “Definitely a lot more interest of people who want to project themselves and their families,” he said.

While the surge in sales is being driven by terrorism, Sadeski and Garavuso both say training is important to avoid a tragedy, which is much more likely than an act of terror.

“The training is important because if they have the gun and they don’t know the safety aspects of the gun; how to safely use it; store it; then that’s when we have other accidents,” said Sadeski.

Original Article can be read – Retrieved January 6, 2019