Handgun instructor says people should get advanced gun training if they have CCW – FOX28

CANAL WINCHESTER — Shootings in the national and local headlines have peaked more interest in concealed carry licence,s but one trainer says the first course is just the basics and people need to continue their gun training knowledge.

Jack Stockley has had his concealed carry since 2004. But his weapons knowledge dates back to his Army tour in Vietnam. “A weapon is an inanimate object if it’s laying there, but if you pick it up you better know how to use it,” said Stockley.

He says he knows how and will should a San Bernardino situation happen here in central Ohio.

“If they level a weapon at me yes I will,” said Stockley.

Kevin Sadeski is the chief instructor and owner for Armed2Defend in Canal Winchester. He offers a basic course in gun safety and use for concealed carry licenses and says more people have been interested in the last few weeks.

“You don’t really realize it until you’re in the situation of how helpless you are, you kind of always feel like there’s that out,” said Sadeski.

Sadeski recommends advanced gun training after a CCW course.

Stockley says it’s important to keep the training going well beyond the first course. “You don’t want to go out there guns blazing or you’re going to be dead like everybody else,” said Stockley.

Sadeski says he’s trained 9,000 people since 2011. He has a class coming up this weekend, but expects to hear from more people in the near future wanting their CCW licenses too.

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