Columbus Women’s Pistol Shooting Group Meeting

We had a record attendance at the June meeting of the Columbus Ohio Women’s Pistol Shooting Group with 19 participants plus Instructor Stacy. At the meeting Instructor Becky from Kyhide Holsters discussed holster and concealed carry options for women. She included demonstrations of various holsters and gave all the participants a handout for reference. Stacy presented and demonstrated on defensive pistol and the importance of training for a defensive encounter. During the range time, the participants practiced some defensive pistol techniques of quickly aligning the sights and shooting at a defensive target.

Pictures from the meeting are posted here: Women Pistol Shooting Group June 14 2014Next Meeting: For the July 19th meeting, Instructor Sonya is going to lead discussion and drills to identify shooting errors. After the error is identified, then she’ll give directions on how to practice to reduce this error. Everyone, including the top shooters in the world, have shooting errors. What makes them the top in the world is that they know their errors and they practice to correct them. Ladies, come out to learn your errors and then what steps you can take to improve your shooting accuracy.

RSVP Today: Reserve your spot in our next meeting. Please be sure that you’ll be able to attend because space is limited. Ohio Women Pistol Shooting GroupPost Comments Here! Please feel free to post comments by replying below about your experience with the women’s pistol group to help encourage others to join.