Online Ohio CCW Class

In order to get the Ohio concealed carry (CCW) license you need to complete the training:

  • Classroom or online classroom training for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • Pass a test. Our online classroom has the test broken up into small quizzes to test you over the material you currently learned.
  • Complete 2-hours of range training with live fire training. In a group setting you’re typically not shooting the full 2 hours.

We offer two options to our online class. You can complete our full online class with range training or just take our online class and find an instructor in your area to complete the range training. Either way, our online class includes the required test.

We recommend that you take the full training with us including the online Ohio concealed carry training class and the required 2 hours of in person range training. This training is a hybrid online and in person program that will allow you to complete the traditional classroom training either on your computer, tablet, phone, or most other mobile devices. The range instruction is still completed in person with our award winning instruction on the range. This training is guaranteed to meet Ohio’s new concealed carry training requirements.

Online Classroom:

The online portion is completed in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you have internet access. This six-hour training is high quality instruction with interactive activities and short quizzes. This training is designed around the USCCA book by Michael Martin’s book, Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. This is a true 6-hour training class that will teach you many fundamentals in firearms and is taught by Kevin and Alisha Sadeski (owners of Armed2Defend).

One main benefit of the online class is that you can chunk the course up over multiple days in stead of one full day of instruction. You can also re-watch videos to further learn the details.

In-Person Ohio Range Instruction:

Ohio’s law requires 2 hours of in person live fire range instruction. After the online portion is completed, then you will conveniently be able to schedule the required range instruction. At the end of the range session, you’ll will receive your certificate to be able to apply for the Ohio license. We’ll fill you in with all the details on how to apply for your license.

Upcoming Range Sessions:

Use the button below to see the upcoming range dates. But don’t sign up for a range session until after you purchase the online class. After you purchase the online class we’ll email you a link to sign up for the range session and also the coupon that you will use to cover the cost of the range training.