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Kevin Sadeski, Chief Instructor, has personally trained over 19,000 for the Ohio Concealed Carry License and over 500 NRA Certified Pistol Instructors.

  • Only NRA Certified Trainer in the nation to win the Angie’s List Super Service Award.
  • NRA Membership Recruiter of the Year for 2016
  • Top 10 NRA Certified Instructor in the Nation for NRA membership recruiting for 2012 & 2013.
  • #1 NRA Certified Instructor recruiter in the Nation from 2014 through 2018.
  • As a Chief RSO, Kevin owns and maintains one of Ohio’s largest instructional ranges.


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Our Ohio Concealed Carry License Training is a Basic Pistol Course

Get Your Ohio CCW License!

Ohio Concealed Carry Training

Continue to Train!

Improve and develop your shooting skills through continued instruction. We offer several programs for you to continue practicing while keeping your cost at a minimal. 

Remember the shooting improvements you made in your training? We want to have you back and keep progressing!

Build Your Shooting Skills & Earn Awards!

NRA Marksmanship Qualification

Continue to Develop Your Shooting Skills!

Refresh CCW Range Training

Ladies, Come Train With US!

Columbus Women’s Shooting Group

Learn CCW Skills in the New NRA CCW!

NRA CCW Course Training

Instructor Training

Get certified to teach gun classes! Want to teach Ohio concealed carry or just your friends?

Not all instructor training is the same. Armed2Defend has trained over 500 certified instructors. Let our experience carry over into your training!

Get the Best Materials and Resources!

Become a USCCA Certified CCW Instructor

Get the Gold Standard in Instructor Certification!

Become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Take Your Training to the Next Level with CCW!

Get the New NRA CCW Instructor Certification

Get Certified to Run Shooting Ranges!

NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certification

Get Certified to Teach Range Safety Officers!

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) Certification

Our Most Recent Student Reviews:

Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P.
02:55 19 Jan 21
Very thorough. they will have you thinking of every aspect of ownership of a gun. from touching on the legal stand point to knowing how to defend yourself. The best part was the range. What an awesome team at Arm2defend!!
Bobbie S.
Bobbie S.
01:28 17 Jan 21
Took my class today! Would recommend to anyone! Such great people running this program and so much one on one attention in the range. Thanks so much! Bobbie Sheets
Tabetha L.
Tabetha L.
18:43 05 Jan 21
The staff was very knowledgeable from class to the range. It was absolutely the best experience.
Dream B.
Dream B.
02:28 04 Dec 20
This was a very informative class with great instructors, they did a awesome job with engaging and involving everyone in the class. Also huge shout out to Instructor George at the range, Doing an awesome job!!
L A.
L A.
14:00 03 Dec 20
Great class! Very informative. I was nervous at first, but I learned so much. Kevin and Alicia were awesome. The sampler pack at the range was quite helpful in helping me to choose my own firearm.
nick M.
nick M.
03:10 15 Nov 20
Great class!Kevin and Alisha are clearly passionate about what they do and are very engaging during the classroom portion. We had Tommy at the range and he was great too!Thanks to all for a safe and enjoyable experience for a couple of beginners!
Nick M.
Nick M.
19:07 14 Nov 20
Super informative and well put together class! Kevin and Alisha are clearly passionate about what they do and engage students in the classroom potion. We...
Parker D.
Parker D.
03:57 13 Nov 20
Phenomenal course through and through. Kevin and Alisha were great and made sure to keep everyone engaged. Big thanks to the whole team at Armed2Defend!
Brian P.
Brian P.
19:10 16 Oct 20
What a great class (CCW training course). Highly recommend.
Victor S.
Victor S.
09:00 11 Oct 20
The class was easy to understand and participate in. With the classes being given over the net, it let people participate more openly and relaxed. With a class that talks about defending oneself and possibly taking another persons life, the trainers presented themselves as people of the community.If you are looking to get CCW license and are looking for that military/ police training experience in your class, then don't take the class from Armed2Defend. Armed2Defend will give you respect and train you as a person. They know that you will be taking a firearm into their community(s), so they will train you to take a firearm into a community, not onto a battlefield. Armed2Defend is the way to go for your CCW training!
Brian C.
Brian C.
01:15 11 Oct 20
Great people with a great perspective providing great training. The course is very educational and presented with a great philosophy of the best gun fight is the one you avoid. I would definitely recommend. Kevin and Alisha were both knowledgeable and tremendous at teaching the material. Thanks!
Isiah C.
Isiah C.
02:35 08 Oct 20
A2D has awesome instructors who take the time to walk you through gun safety/handling and self defense. You’ll enjoy your training! I had a great time.