Armed2Defend is #3 in the Nation for NRA Membership Recruiting for 2013

Armed2Defend ranked 3rd in the nation for NRA membership recruiting in the instructor category with 1093 members recruited. Considering that there are over 100,000 NRA Certified Instructions in the nation, this is a really large achievement. In 2012 Armed2Defend was ranked 5th in the nation with 338 members recruited. You can view their current ranking at


Kevin Sadeski, Chief Instructor and founder of Armed2Defend, is an NRA Life Endowment Member and he tries every chance that he gets to recruit new members. “One day we were protesting at an anti-gun rally and our team was able to recruit 7 new NRA members at the rally. Did I mention that it was an anti-gun rally” Kevin says. “It’s easy to get people behind the NRA once they see the importance of the work that the NRA is doing to protect our right of self-defense nationally and even here in Ohio. To help increase membership, we offer all of the available discounts on the membership and we even throw in an exclusive bonus contest. A $25 membership could win you an $1100 Kimber pistol package.”

In an effort to increase NRA membership recruiting, Armed2Defend offers an exclusive Kimber 1911 pistol giveaway to eligible participants who sign up for the NRA membership through Armed2Defend. This is an amazing $1100 pistol package that includes a Kimber Ultra Carry II, ammunition, a Kyhide holster, a cleaning kit and even training on how to the use pistol. Three packages have been awarded by Armed2Defend since it started in 2013.

To become an NRA member and to register for the $1100 Kimber prize, go to for all the details and to enter. This contest is not sponsored by the NRA or Kimber.

Special thanks to everyone who helped to get people informed and signed up for an NRA membership!

Contest Winners


First – April 2013: Daniel from Canton, OH



Second – June 2013: Saundra from Columbus, OH




Third – October 2013: Ron from Westerville, OH



Fourth – Could be you!