Where to Apply for a Concealed Carry License in Central Ohio

We have compiled this information to try and be helpful. Counties sometimes change how they are doing things. We don’t know about the changes until we get feedback from students telling us. 

If you notice outdated information or broken links on this page, let us know so we can update it!

Each County is Different

  • One county requires you to bring your social security card.
  • Another requires birth certificate.
  • Some accept credit cards. But most accept cash only. 

The point is they all have different processes and requirements. Be sure to review the information on the sheriff’s website that you are going to apply at. 

**You must apply in your county or any county that adjoins to your county**

There was a temporary COVID relief law that allowed you to apply in any county in Ohio. But that has expired and it is back to only being able to apply in the county you live in or a county that touches your county.  

Downtown Columbus, Ohio

Usually gives license on the spot! 👍

Lancaster, Ohio

London, Ohio

Offers walk-ins! 👍

Newark, Ohio

Delaware, Ohio

Circleville, Ohio

Logan, Ohio

Usually gives license on the spot! 👍

Marysville, Ohio