Mantis Magrail (Gun Specific)




Brand: MantisX

Please specify your gun in the checkout. If we are unable to fulfill the order, we will refund you.

Please note, this is just includes the MantisX magrail adaptor and does not include a magazine. It replaces the baseplate on your factory magazine.

We carry most of the MantisX RailMags that are customized to guns. This RailMag will replace the current baseplate on your magazine and allow for the MantisX system to attach to the magazine. The diagnostics are the same as if it was on a rail of your gun.

If your gun does not have a factory rail, this will allow the MantisX to attach to your gun. These works with all MantisX systems.

If you want to do holster draws with your gun and not have to buy a new holster that will fit the MantisX on your gun, this is the best option since the magazine doesn’t interfere with a holster.

If you have a light, laser, or other accessory on your gun’s rail, you can use this to add a space for the MantisX without having to remove the accessory.

See more details on this video: