9 mm Orange Dummy Rounds for Training




This is the 9 mm Luger (9×19) caliber size.

These are excellent high viability dummy rounds for training. We use them on our range for loading drills, malfunction drills and more.

Our range is gravel and grass. These are super bright orange and easy to find. Much brighter orange than other brands.

Since they are dummy rounds, they also don’t resemble a live round and are clearly distinguishable. Stay confident that you have dummy rounds and not live ammo.

These are not snap caps designed to protect your firing pin, but in many modern center-fire semi-automatics, you don’t need a true snap cap. Read your owner’s manual to your gun to see if you need snap caps.

Available in 380 ACP (AUTO), 9 MM, 40 S&W, 45 ACP (AUTO), and 22 lr. Please note that the 22 lr is not a snap cap.

Please note: The mixture package with 5 of each caliber (25 dummy rounds total) is $22.99. This is the only option that will be honored. It gives prices for the 10, 25, and 50, but we’ll only fulfill an order for the 5 cartridges of each. This merchant system can’t give price corrections to scale the quality correctly.

One malfunction drill we do is to mix live and dummy rounds in your magazine. Keep it simpler by loading a live rounds in your magazine first and last. As you shoot and you hit the click:

  • keep the gun pointed in the safe direction and take your finger off the trigger,
  • tap your magazine to verify that it is clicked into place properly,
  • rack your slide hard while rolling your ejection port towards the ground (tilt around 45 degrees from upright position)
  • reevaluate the target and continue the drill if treat remains