Our Favorite Products

Alisha’s Favorite Products

Here is a list of products I personally use and recommend.

I always reads tons of reviews and do lots of comparison before purchasing anything because I want the best. I’m known to be super picky. But now you win because I’ve done the research for you! These products rock!

All of the products on this page are things I have paid full price for and I use regularlyI did not receive free samples or discounts to promote anything here. 

*These are affiliate links which means we might earn a very small reward from amazon for referring you if you purchase them by clicking on these links. It doesn’t change the price you pay for the item. 

Alisha has been transitioning this list of favorites to her new website.


Ear Protection, Eye Protection & Other Range Gear

(I like teal, but all these products come in a variety of colors including basic blacks and grays.)

Ear Protection

Walker Razor Slims are my favorite hearing protection! (I’ve use 2 other brands in the past.) It comes in many different color options. “Light teal” is the name of the color I have.

Electronic ear protection is awesome. There are built in mics that actually amplify the sound so you hear your shooting pals, instructors or whoever else ralking on the range like normal– no shouting required. But then those mics cut off when guns go bang to protect your ears. It’s magical!

I feel like I have “spidey senses” with these on…. I can hear conversations being had 80 feet away!

Eye Protection

Eye protection tends to fog up at the range and it is really annoying. These Teal Uvex Safety Glasses caught my attention because they advertise an anti-fog coating. I’ve been very pleased with them. They haven’t fogged up on me.

I was drawn to the teal since it happened to match my ear protection perfectly, but there is a black version with anti-fog coating too.

 Ammo Box

I love this ammo box. It comes in lots of color options- from basic gray, black and tan to popping fun colors like pink, purple, orange and teal! Of course I got teal to match my other range gear. 

I use this to easily transport my ammo to and from the range. I can easily fit 7 boxes of ammo plus my Maglula. The sturdy handle allows for easy carrying.

You can easily add a lock to keep unauthorized persons out– I have this TSA approved lock which will be handy if I ever need to fly with my gun and ammo. 

Maglula UpLULA Magazine Loader

This magical contraption makes loading magazines easy peasy! Some magazines are just tough. Some magazines get tough as you are loading the last rounds. Sometimes you are doing lots of shooting and your thumbs just get tired after several rounds of loading.

It feels a little awkward at first but once you get the hang of the motion it is really quick.

The Maglula comes in a variety of fun colors. The great thing is this works universally for 9mm through 45 auto magazines, single or double stack. It’s handy for sharing with fellow shooters at the range since it’s a pretty universal fit. 

Buy one and keep it in your range bag. Your thumbs will thank you. You may not need to use it all the time but there will be times you’re glad you have it!

Hand Cleaner

Lead is a fact of shooting.  Practicing good hygiene habits is important. I like having Lead Off brand products in my range bag. I’ve used both the foam pump bottle and the wipes. The pump bottle is a more economical way to go if you have access to running water after shooting but the wipes are handy for times you are shooting outdoors with no running water. 

Shooting Game Targets


These targets make for fun date nights at the range!

First Aid Kit

I bought 2 of these first aid kits. They had thousands of positive reviews and the price was reasonable. One of the kits lives in my car under the passenger seat. The other lives in my range bag.

Concealed Carry Gear

Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt

If you are going to carry on the waist with an IWB or OWB holster, you really need to have a good sturdy gun belt. I have a Klik Belt 2-ply heavy duty gun belt. (The single ply version isn’t intended as a gun belt so be sure to get the double ply version if that is your purpose.)

I like the style of it alot but more importantly it works well. It stays tight and doesn’t loosen throughout the day. It was hard to choose a color because I liked them all– I went with the matte black option.

I originally looked at this belt after seeing a couple different recommendations for it. Reading all the positive reviews on Amazon sealed the deal. It was expensive but I’m not disappointed so it was worth it.

Be sure to watch the video they have in their Amazon listing so you understand how to put it on/take it off. The buckle is too large to thread it through most belt loops. It’s really easy and not as big of a deal as it may seem at first. For restroom breaks you can use the buckle but to get the belt out of your pant loops at the end of the day you will have to unthread it from the buckle.

Tip: I use a row of small command hooks to “hang” this belt in my closet.


Flashbang Bra Holster

Ladies, ladies, ladies! The bra holster sounds so weird at first, I know. I thought so too. Once I finally gave it a try I fell in love. I have a demo product with a blue dummy gun you can come and try on to see if it works for you. Don’t knock it till you try it!

It took some troubleshooting when I first started but with practice it has become hands down the most comfortable way I carry. I have many arguments that I will someday develop into a thorough blog post on why it is completely safe, maybe even safer than other popular options. And no you aren’t going to shoot your boob off if you do it right.

You can get good pricing on Amazon but they don’t have all the options available. You may have to order off Flashbang’s website if you don’t have a super popular gun or if you need left handed. Feel free to contact me by text or email if you want to order one from Flashbang.

I own the flashbang for both my Glock 42 and Sig p238. It might not work for everyone. But I also think some people don’t give it enough time to play with it and figure it out before deciding it’s not for them hence the not so great review rating on Amazon for Flashbang holsters. It took me a while to figure it out in a way that worked for me.  



Fiction Based Novels But Useful Training Tools

Liz Lazarus does something really unique- she creates stories that are realistic, easy to read and engaging but that provides training on firearm topics. 

I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books. I couldn’t put them down; I finishing each one within a day. I eagerly await the third book she is currently working on!