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If getting your Ohio Concealed Carry License is your goal, I want to help you achieve it.

How it Works

This training is broken down into the 6-hour on-demand interactive online training and the 2-hour in person live fire range training.

This course can be completed with a computer, phone, tablet, or iPad. Basically any electronic device with a web browser. 

Class fee is only $100 and include online and range training!

Step 1 - Complete the Online Ohio CCW Class

Step 1:
Complete the Online Ohio CCW Class

Step 2 - Complete the 2-hour Ohio CCW range training

Step 2:
Complete the Ohio Range Training

Range is in Canal Winchester, OH which is just Southeast of Columbus, OH

Get Started!

Register for the course and make your payment. It might take 10 minutes for your course to be unlocked before you can start. 

Schedule your range session for a date after you’ll be able to complete your online class.

After you Register - Schedule Your Range Training:

Register for the online class first to get your coupon code. 

Choose a range date and time that works for you, then click the Sign up button!

Use the REDEEM button near the payment area when scheduling to enter your coupon code. 


There is no refund if you schedule and pay for the range session individually without your coupon code.

Be sure to use the same email as your course registration!

Sign up BEFORE scheduling Range Session

This training meets the Ohio Concealed Carry training requirements

At a minimum, this course includes 8-hours of training: 6 hours of classroom interactive online instruction and 2 hours of range instruction with live pistol fire. (Section 2923.125 (G) of the Ohio Revised Code)

As required by Ohio Law, the instructors of this course are qualified instructors certified by a national gun advocacy organization. (Section 2923.125 (B) (3) (b) of the Ohio Revised Code)

This course meets the requirements described in section 2923.125 (G) (1) of the Ohio Revised Code and the competency examination described in section 2923.125 (G) (2) of the Ohio Revised Code. 


Online Interactive Classroom Training:

Section 2923.125 (G) (3) (a) of the Ohio Revised Code defines that the training “…may be provided online or as a combination of in-person and online training, as long as the online training includes an interactive component that regularly engages the person.” 


Online Interactive Written Exam:

Section 2923.125 (G) (3) (b) of the Ohio Revised Code defines that “…the written section of the competency examination specified in division (G)(2)(a) of this section may be administered online, as long as the online training includes an interactive component that regularly engages the person.”


In Person Range Time and Live-Fire Training:

Section 2923.125 (G) (1) of the Ohio Revised Code includes “A minimum of two hours of in-person training that consists of range time and live-fire training.”

Online Classroom Training:​

Flexible on-demand interactive online classroom training. 

Tracks progress allowing you to stop and restart where you left off.

This is an interactive course that is mostly made up of short videos and short quizzes.

We provide a corresponding note taking sheet to help you reinforce the main course points and to keep notes to use on the quizzes. 

This training will require a minimum of 6 hours to compete but it will take longer than 6 hours. The system is designed to require engagement and the course time is set to require 6 hours or more of engaged learning. 

This course will meet the requirements described in section 2923.125 (G) (1) of the Ohio Revised Code and the competency examination described in section 2923.125 (G) (2) of the Ohio Revised Code. 

In Person Range Training​

Completes the 2-hour required 

Many dates and times available.

Included in the class fee with no hidden charges.

Includes gun, ammo, and safety equipment usage.

Can bring your own pistol and ammo for training.

We actually train you how to safely and effectively shoot!

How to Get an Ohio Concealed Carry License

Most people refer to it a CCW license. If you want to get technical, the Ohio concealed carry license covers handguns only. If you look at the top of the application you submit it will say “State of Ohio
Application for License to Carry a Concealed Handgun”. That’s why you’ll also see it referred to as CHL – Concealed Handgun License. We tend to use the term CCW since it is what people recognize and understand. 

Verify you are eligible for the license

If you don't have any drug related offenses, felonies or domestic violence, you are most likely fine.

However, if there is anything you are concerned about, you should verify your eligibility first. There is no sense wasting your time and money to later find out you are not eligible for the CHL license.

Take Armed2Defend's award winning CCW Class

Not all training is equal. If you want the best training, take Armed2Defend's class. We teach the topics that you need to know to be a well rounded, responsible concealed carrier. And we make the process as simple as possible for you.

*If you have military experience you can use that experience in place of taking training.

Apply for the license with the sheriff's office

Just as there are no drivers ed companies that can issue you an actual license, no concealed carry trainer can issue you a concealed carry license. You must go through the the sheriff's office for the actual Ohio CCW license.

You will show the sheriff your certificate of completion as proof you did training that fulfills Ohio's requirements.

Pick up your license from the sheriff's office.

Most sheriff's offices do not issue the license the same day you apply. It could take a few days or a few weeks for them to call you. Each county is different.

(Franklin & Hocking are two counties that typically issue same day!)

Get your Ohio Concealed Carry License

We offer 3 options to fit your needs


$ 100
  • At Your Pace Online
  • 1 In Person Range Session
  • Flexible

In Person

$ 110
  • All In Person
  • One Day: 9am-5:30pm
  • Saturday & Weekday Options
  • Free Passport Style Photo

Women's In Person

$ 135
  • All In Person
  • One Day: 9am-6pm
  • Smaller Class Size
  • More hands-on exercises
  • Female Focused Curriculum
  • Free Passport Style Photo

Concealed Carry Training FAQs

Our range is on private property in Canal Winchester, Ohio (20 minutes southeast of Columbus, Ohio). 

The classroom portion of our Hybrid class happens online from the comfort of your home.

For our in person classes, we rent a large meeting room from a library that is 4 minutes down the road from our range. armed2defend.com/wagnalls has more details on the library location. 

Nothing! In fact, we see lots of students week in and week out who have never touched a gun before.

We start at the beginner level. There is no prior knowledge you need to be successful. You are coming to class to have us TEACH you. So don’t try to prepare and learn it all before.

Actually, we find that often the complete newbies are better shooters than people who have some experience!! They are fresh canvases and they soak up the new knowledge. Sometimes experienced shooters have bad habits that are hard to break.

We will teach you everything you need to know. You will walk away with so much knowledge and a new sense of confidence about handling and shooting handguns!

Nope! In fact if you DON’T have a gun yet, we strongly encourage you to wait until after taking the training to purchase one. 

If you DO have a gun, we strongly encourage you to bring it. The training will be much more meaningful to you if you get trained on what you own. 

After taking the training, you will apply for the concealed carry license through the sheriff’s office. They will run a background check as part of the application process. 

Trainers are privately owned and not government entities. We do not have the capability to run background checks on our students. This means a person could pass the concealed carry training and then be denied a license by the sheriff’s office if there is something on their background that disqualifies them. 

You can find more details about the disqualifiers on pages 7-8 of the Ohio Attorney General’s Concealed Carry Law Summary PDF. Generally speaking, the 3 major disqualifiers are 1.) any felony,  2.) anything drug related, 3.) any misdemeanor offense of violence or negligent assault

If there is anything you are concerned about, it is worth talking to the sheriff’s office for clarification before spending time and money taking the training. 

I highly advise you not to ask any trainer for specific advice about your situation and if it makes you ineligible. Talk to the people who actually process the applications. Trainers are private businesses that make money by you taking their class. They can tell you anything they want. But the only thing that actually matters is what the sheriff will tell you when you apply. 

First off, we understand the freedom is not free We sincerely thank you for serving and sacrificing for our county. 

You don’t have to take training. Ohio allows active duty military and retired and honorably discharged veterans to apply for the concealed carry license without taking a training course.

You CAN take training if you’d like to. Even though it is not required, many are still interested in taking training for their own benefit. If that is you, we would love to have you in the class.

If you are choosing to skip the training requirement, you should consult the sheriff’s office directly about the application process. Most of them have the information on their webpage. 

Because each county has slight differences in how they handle applications, it’s impossible for us to give detailed information about the process. Check with the sheriff’s office in the county where you plan to apply. (You can only apply in the county you live in or a county that touches that county.) 

Anyone 18 or older can take our training course. However, please understand that you must be 21 to get an Ohio Concealed Carry License.

The sheriff’s office will honor a certificate of completion from a course taken within the last 3 years. Let’s use an example. Suppose Johnny was 20 years old when he took a concealed carry training course on Dec 15, 2018. The sheriff will honor that certificate of completion until Dec 15, 2021 (3 years from the date of completion). So when Johnny turns 21 in November 2019 he will still have plenty of time to use that certificate of completion to apply for the license before it is expired. Johnny could apply for his concealed license on the day of his 21st birthday if he was in a hurry.

Sometimes parents taking the course want their 18, 19 or 20 year old child to go through the course with them to learn about gun safety even though they aren’t old enough to get the license yet. This is a great idea and we encourage it.

*Please note: Anyone under 21 would not be legally able to transport a gun to class. This is no problem at all. They will revert to using one of our .22s. If a friend or family member 21+ is also attending the class that day, they can transport a gun for the underage person.

We do require full payment ahead of time. There is alot that goes into class day preparation on our end. We prepare paperwork specific to each student, make folders for each student, print certificates and hire lots of instructors to assist. 

It doesn’t have to be your billing information for the online transactions. So if you can give the cash to a friend or family member and use their card for the billing section that works just fine. 

We do not have a storefront location for doing in person transactions. We pay to rent the classroom space only for class days. 

Just like the BMV is the only place that can issue a driver’s license, the sheriff’s office is the only entity that can issue an Ohio concealed carry license.

To get a concealed carry license in Ohio you must take an 8 hour training course. Then you use your certificate of completion as proof of completing the training requirement when applying with the sheriff’s office. 

Think of taking our course like taking a drivers ed course. There is no drivers ed school that can issue drivers licenses. Likewise, there is no concealed carry training courses that can issue an Ohio Concealed Carry License. Your first step will be to complete the training and your second step will be to apply at the sheriff’s office in the county you live in or an adjacent county.

When you apply through the sheriff’s office for the license there will be an additional fee you pay to them. Please contact your local sheriff’s office for any questions you may have about the license process as each county does things differently.  Any information we put here could be different in your county.  

It is a 5 year license and there is no retraining required to renew your Ohio CCW license. You will be able to renew directly with the sheriff’s office without taking additional training. (Although, additional training is always a good idea since shooting is a perishable skill!)

The term used to refer to what states honor other states’ licenses is reciprocity. The Ohio concealed carry license is currently honored in 39 states. (This number changes so always be sure to verify reciprocity before traveling with your concealed carry firearm!)

The Ohio Attorney General’s site has a clickable map that shows you which states honor the Ohio concealed carry license.

There is just one type of Ohio Concealed Carry License. Everyone get the same license. There are NOT different levels or types of Ohio CCW licenses that include more or less states.

We choose not to train pregnant women on our range because of the potential for hearing damage to the baby and the exposure to toxic substances that are a unavoidable part of shooting.

However, you are welcome to complete the 6 hour classroom portion even while pregnant! It’s actually a great idea to get the 6 hour portion done while pregnant. After delivering the baby, you can come back to complete the 2 hour range portion. Since it is sometimes hard for a mom to be away from a newborn for an extended day, many pregnant women find this to be a convenient option.

*Please note you will not be able to apply for your Ohio Concealed Carry License until after you have completed both the classroom and range time.

*There are no additional fees involved. You would pay the class fee in full for the initial classroom time. You wouldn’t owe anything when you came back to complete the range portion. We keep your paperwork on file so we know exactly what you need to complete when you come back.

There are 2 time frames that are easy to confuse:

1.) You have 3 years from the date of completing the course to apply for the license. In other words, the sheriff requires you show proof of completing an approved training course within the last 3 years. Example: if you took the course on March 26, 2020 you would be able to use that certificate of completion to apply for a license until March 26, 2023. After that time frame, if you had not applied for your license you would be back to square one and need to repeat training.

2.) The concealed carry license itself is a 5 year license. When the 5 years are up and it is time to renew, there is no retraining requirement. You will just go through the sheriff’s office to submit an application again. Sometimes they need to see a copy of your original certificate of completion and sometimes they don’t. We offer digital replacement certificates for $10 but you should clarify with the sheriff’s office if they need/want it first.

Ready to register for a CCW class?

Not all concealed carry training is equal.

 The training varies greatly from company to company. I want you to have the best training possible. We have put so much effort into making Armed2Defend the hands down obvious best choice for Ohio concealed carry training.

We offer the best concealed carry training in Ohio

But don’t just take our word for it. 

We have 1,000+ reviews from former students.

Eric R.
Eric R.
13:15 05 Jun 21
this was a very professional and customer oriented company …the instructors were great and I like the hybrid class setup online and in person for range…
Monica M.
Monica M.
15:32 24 Apr 21
I must admit the class I attended last month was so informative. I was amazed how thorough and interesting the class was for everyone. I finally had my appointment for my license and I was prepared for everything needed down to the photo.Thanks so much for everything and sharing your passion of defense.Monica M
Megan L.
Megan L.
23:33 13 Mar 21
Highly recommend! Very nice and informative
Aaron B.
Aaron B.
22:20 07 Mar 21
This class was one of the best classes I’ve taken. It was fun and entertaining as well as informative. I felt the upselled everything, yet everything they sold was only high quality products that they believed in. Now I believe in them too. They’re motto, “It’s a lifestyle.” is something I’ve already learned to adapt.
christine B.
christine B.
22:15 07 Mar 21
I had an incredible experience with the class yesterday. I had some knowledge as to what was to be expected. The class was informative and educational. For me the best part of the day was the drive home, my 22 year old son was with me and the knowledge he gained from the experience. I would highly recommend this company.
Christine B.
Christine B.
22:12 07 Mar 21
My 22 year old son and I attended the class yesterday. To say we err impressed is an understatement. The instructors were fabulous and answered all of our questions. They had excellent scenarios to help us better understand this life choice. The range was awesome and we watched people who had never handled a weapon become confident in their abilities. It was truly an incredible experience. I highly recommend Arm2defend
Joseph G.
Joseph G.
21:23 07 Mar 21
As someone who has taken NRA Pistol classes before, I was happily surprised that the range training for the CHL featured 5+ NRA Instructors, as well as the leaders of the training, Alisha, and Kevin who are NRA Instructors themselves. Most other training providers I considedred don’t provide instruction during the training process, and the investment in qualified NRA Instructors made me feel much better about this training over the others that I investigated before applying for my CHL. This is a great Company to use whether you’re an experienced shooter, or have never shot a gun before. You will feel more comfortable with a firearm, and understand the responsibilities you have as a firearm owner by going through this company. Would highly recommend.
Chris B.
Chris B.
14:05 07 Mar 21
I signed up to get my conceal handgun license and was incredibly impressed by this team. They held an on line class as well as an in person class….
Brandi M.
Brandi M.
23:52 06 Mar 21
This was a great class to attend. The instructors were very knowledgeable on all the information given. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for this type of class.
Jason F.
Jason F.
23:17 28 Feb 21
Took the class last week. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about attending CCW training. Great class, Great Instructors
Tony J.
Tony J.
19:25 20 Feb 21
Great class and great detail for CCW holders.
Bobbie S.
Bobbie S.
01:28 17 Jan 21
Took my class today! Would recommend to anyone! Such great people running this program and so much one on one attention in the range. Thanks so much! Bobbie Sheets

Family Owned & Operated

Armed2Defend is more than a business to us. It is our passion.

In 2010, we took a concealed carry training class in order to get our concealed carry licenses. We walked away feeling like our training experience was just a “hoop to jump through”. 

We want you to get meaningful training. That is the entire reason Armed2Defend exists.

We want your training experience to actually prepare you to be a responsibly armed citizen.

We would love to have you as part of the Armed2Defend family. 🧡

We hope to meet you in a class soon!

Ready to register for a CCW class?

items to get ohio ccw license

We put great effort into making the process as simple as possible for you. After you complete the CCW class, you will be ready to apply for your concealed carry (CCW, CHL) license.

This is your certificate of completion. It serves as proof that you completed the required 8 hours of training that Ohio requires to apply for a concealed carry license.

We will give you this certificate the same day of your training. You will get it as you leave the range (provided you successfully completed all parts of the class). 

This is the application you use to apply for the license with the sheriff’s office. 

This online PDF version is nice if you want to type in your answers and print it out. 

Don’t have a printer at home? No worries. We will have printed copies in class. 

For our in person classes (the regular in person class and the women’s version) we offer a passport style photo for FREE. 

*We are unable to provide this bonus for students doing the online option. Logistically it is just not possible to do.

This is the summary of Ohio’s concealed carry laws that you are required to read before applying for the license. 

Do you want a fun and engaging CCW class?

We teach in a fun and interactive way. You will learn the safe handling and usage skills needed to be a responsible concealed carrier but you’ll also have fun and enjoy the class.

Do you need a beginner firearms class?

We train you at your level. You don’t need to know anything about firearms prior to class in order to be successful in this class. We deliver the information in a way that is easy to understand. 

Ohio concealed carry (ccw) legal training

Got legal questions? We cover that.

One of our modules focuses on Ohio’s firearm, concealed carry and self-defense laws based on the Ohio Attorney General’s Law Summary and other resources. 

What if I get pulled over and have my loaded gun?

These questions, and more, are covered in the legal section.

Ready to register for a CCW class?