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Your Account for Completing the Test

After you complete your first Zoom meeting module, you will recieve an email with your account login and password for taking the quizzes. After you login you can complete your quiz for that module.

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See some of the optional items we talk about in class in our online store.

How to Apply for Your CCW License

This page gives you the detailed instructions on how to apply for your license after you complete the training. On this page you can get the contact information for local sheriff offices, the Ohio concealed carry application, and the Attorney General's Concealed Carry Law Summary.

Get the Course Book to Follow Along


Buy the course book to follow along with the class. Get it for only $30 with Free Shipping.

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, Second Edition by Michael Martin

Page number references in presentation correspond to material in this book.

This Module covers Chapter 2 information. There is more information in this book then we can possibly cover in this course.

Pictures From Chapter 2 of the Course Book

A few of our favorite things….

Dummy Rounds

There are lots of dummy round options out there. We own several brands but really like these 9mm Glock brand ones in particular. (You don’t have to have a Glock brand gun; they will work in any 9mm gun.)

MagLula – UpLula Magazine Loader

This magazine loader makes loading even the hardest magazines simple. It is expensive but it will save your thumb and make loading magazine really quick. 

Click on the links to buy from your favorit retailer:

Car Safe

Having a small safe like this for cars and hotel rooms is a must. Most of the time this safe is empty because I keep the gun on me. But when I need it, I need it. And that’s why I have one of these that lives in my car.

We sell the Bulldog Car Safe that we use. I have a youtube video where I talk more about the safe I use and compare it to the AmazonBasics version. 

This Bulldog brand safe with tether is a fantastic way to store your gun in your when you can’t take it into a building. Alisha and I have been using it personally for over 6 years. We’ve sold hundreds of these to our students with no negative feedback.

More of Alisha’s Favorite Things!

Alisha has put together a list of hers and Kevin’s favorite shooting products. This list is constantly being updated with the latest and best products to help new and expereienced shooters. Many of her posts contain lots of details and even videos to show you how the product works.

Take a look at the list to see what will help you on your shooting and concealed carry journey.

Seven Reasons Why You’ll Want to Join the USCCA

By instinct, we want to be able to protect ourselves and our family. But just owning a gun or other protection tools aren’t enough to keep our family safe. Even if our actions are justified, a single self-defense incident like a home invasion could put our freedom, life savings and future at risk.

As a USCCA Member, you’ll get all these benifits:

1. Industry-Leading Knowledge: Alisha and Kevin love the access to thousands of training videos and articles that will improve your carry confidence and help you become a prepared protector. These videos help to prepare you for real life encounters.

2. Top-Notch Training: We are USCCA Certified Instrucotrs and there are 3,000 other certified trainers nationwide.  You can work with certified professionals like us, no matter where you are.

3. Expert Legal Protection: Peace of mind with up to $2,250,000 in self-defense protection benefits, a 24/7/365 award-winning Critical Response Team and a nationwide legal network.

4. Protection for Use of ALL Legal Weapons: Guns, knives and hand-to-hand combat … we’ve got your back. We never second-guess how we will defend our family again.

5. Concealed Carry Magazine: These magazines have practical training, true stories, unbiased product reviews and more. They deliver them 8 times per year. Plus, access to a digital archive of past issues.

6. We love the Free Expo! Join thousands of like-minded individuals at our annual Concealed Carry Expo and experience 3 days of guns, gear and expert training you can trust.

7. We take advantage of many Member-Only Offers: Enjoy exclusive training videos, attorney webinars and discounts from us and our trusted industry partners, too.

We are so happy to have you as part of the A2D Family! 

–Kevin & Alisha Sadeski