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Your Account for Completing the Test

After you complete your first Zoom meeting module, you will recieve an email with your account login and password for taking the quizzes. After you login you can complete your quiz for that module.

How to Apply for Your CCW License

This page gives you the detailed instructions on how to apply for your license after you complete the training. On this page you can get the contact information for local sheriff offices, the Ohio concealed carry application, and the Attorney General's Concealed Carry Law Summary.

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Ohio Concealed Carry Law Summary & Application

This is the PDF summarizing Ohio’s Concealed Carry Laws. You are required to read this publication before applying for the license.

The Ohio concealed carry (CCW, CHL) application can be downloaded to your computer and filled out digitally before printing for your license application appointment. 

See the States You Can Carry with Your Ohio License

This is where you can see the current reciprocity agreements to know which states honor your Ohio concealed carry license.

Join the NRA – Support You Gun Rights

We are big believers that ALL GUN OWNERS should be NRA Members. Alisha wrote about why on her site. You can read it here. You can use the purple button below to join.

Get the Course Book to Follow Along


Buy the course book to follow along with the class. Get it for only $30 with Free Shipping.

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, Second Edition by Michael Martin

Page number references in presentation correspond to material in this book.

There is more information in this book then we can possibly cover in this course.

A few of our favorite things….

Mantis X3

This is our FAVORITE tool! Seriously, the technology is nothing short of AMAZING. It is an investment but it will pay for itself in ammo savings.

10 minutes using the Mantis for dry fire at home a few times a week can give more improvement in your shooting than a $40+ trip the range ($20 for a lane plus $20+ for a 2 boxes of ammo).  It’s hard to improve your shooting when you don’t know exactly why you’re hitting where you hit. The Mantis shows you exactly what you are doing.

The Mantis X3 also works for live fire. So when you do go pay to shoot at the range, you can use this technology to get more value from your time and money. You’ll be able to analyze your shooting. (The Mantix X is about $20-$30 cheaper but doesn’t allow for live fire… I would highly recommend going for the X3!)

We sell the Mantis X3. We offer shipping for a fee. We also have the option to do pick-up at no charge. It’s also available to purchase from Amazon.

Get the MatisX and Start Hitting Bulleyes!

Buy the the best training tool on the market. This works for both pistols and rifles.

For each shot, MantisX detects the direction of the barrel movement during the trigger pull. If you tend to shoot left, left sector will light up on the wheel. After a few shots, the training device shows the pattern of your movement.

It teaches you how to fix your errors though videos and pictures with explanations.

See our Armed2Defend exclusive price in our store.

Car Safe

Having a small safe like this for cars and hotel rooms is a must. Most of the time this safe is empty because I keep the gun on me. But when I need it, I need it. And that’s why I have one of these that lives in my car.

Alisha explains this safe more in a youtube video

This Bulldog brand safe with tether is a fantastic way to store your gun in your when you can’t take it into a building. Alisha and Kevin have been using it personally for over 6 years. We’ve sold hundreds of these to our students with no negative feedback.

Combination Bulldog Gun Car Safe

Dummy Training Cartridges

These are awesome for training for malfunctions and seeing visually shooting errors in real time. We really like orange ones because they are easy to find on the ground and aren’t confused with live cartridges.

Just like with cartridges, you’ll need to buy the one that is the same caliber as your gun. We stock the major handgun calibers: 380, 9mm, 40, 45, and 22 lr.

MagLula – UpLula Magazine Loader

This magazine loader makes loading even the hardest magazines simple. It might seem expensive but it will save your thumb and make loading magazine really easy and quick. 

This loader will work for 9mm to 45 AUTO. It can work on both single and double stack magazines. Although it isn’t advertized to work on 380 AUTO cartridges, we have found that it works for that caliber too. 


The Traveler’s Guide

Know the Laws as You Travel!

If you travel, this information is important to have! It’s written by an attorney. We keep a current edition in our car so that when we are traveling we have it. This resource is available on Amazon. We also sell it.  Order it from us with free shipping (or local pick-up).

Support Armed2Defend and purchase it through us. We’ll ship it for free!

Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States

Law of Self Defense Course, Audiobook or Book

Attorney Andrew Branca (founder of The Law of Self Defense) is a master at explaining complex self defense laws in an easy to understand way. His tagline is “You carry the gun so that you are hard to kill. Know the law so you are hard to convict.”

If you really want to become an expert on the legal side of self defense, his 10 hour course is unparalleled. If you aren’t ready to dive that deep, his audiobook is the next best thing. 

The Law of Self Defense Book

The world is a dangerous place. That’s why you’re prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones. Now arm yourself for the legal battle that happens after an attack. The first fight is for your life – the second for your liberty.


An Easy to Understand, Entertaining, and Critically Important Read
The #1 guide for understanding your state’s requirements when using force to protect yourself:
  • Clearly explains not just the state statutes but how the courts apply them
  • Corrects the myths that get people in trouble
  • 5-star Amazon rated and praised by many self defense legends
  • Many interesting, if sometimes heart-wrenching, true-life examples

The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws

This book is written by the late Attorney Ken Hanson. He presents the Ohio firearm, self-defense, and concealed carry laws in an easy to understand book.

The Right to Remain Innocent

This book is a short, quick, easy read. You don’t know how much you don’t know until you read it. It was eye opening.

More of Alisha’s Favorite Things!

Alisha has put together a list of hers and Kevin’s favorite shooting products. This list is constantly being updated with the latest and best products to help new and expereienced shooters. Many of her posts contain lots of details and even videos to show you how the product works.

Take a look at the list to see what will help you on your shooting and concealed carry journey.

Laser Sights

Here is a youtube video Alisha made explaining why uses a laser sight for concealed carry. Kevin & Alisha both have laser sights on their carry guns. We think lasers are a great idea.

MantisX Shooting Diagnostics System

The Mantis X is a revolutionary shooting system that helps improve your shooting precision. While attached to a pistol or rifle, MantisX analyzes your shooting mechanics, diagnoses issues, and coaches you on how to improve.

Watch the video below for more details!

The Matis X3 will work with a pistol and rifle with dry fire, CO2 pistols and live fire.

The Mantis X10 will work the same as the X3 but it will also do holster draw analysis and recoil analysis. And it can be used with shotguns and archery.

Get the best price in our store! We can also help you get it setup if you buy it from us.

John Correia – Active Self Protection

We LOVE John Correia’s YouTube Channel: Active Self Protection

He analyzes real self defense encounters. Learn from other’s experiences. You will be better prepared if it ever happens to you. I really can’t recommend his channel enough.

What’s the Best Self-Defense Bullet?

 What to know the best self-defence cartridge that money can buy? This site has tested and evaluated many brands and styles for all the major calibers. It gives detailed results and test data.

 Take a look, you won’t be disapointed.


We are so happy to have you as part of the A2D Family! 

–Kevin & Alisha Sadeski