Ohio CCW Class Resources

How to Apply for Your CCW License

Get detailed instructions on how to apply for you license after completing the training. 

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The products we carry are the items we love and use ourselves. We want to help you get tools that will help you on this journey.

We love them all. But these are our 3 favorites.

Get the USCCA CCW Course Book

We LOVE this book

There is more information in this book than we can possibly cover in class. It is a well rounded book covering many areas of the concealed carry lifestyle.

Laser Cartridges

These are hands down our most used training aid. When you take away the recoil, you can really hone in on the foundational skills of shooting. Plus, you can use them on the range or even at home!

Mantis X Training System

When you are ready to take your shooting to the next level, this is what you need! It is hard to improve what you aren't measuring. MantisX gives you a way to measure yourself. You'll be amazed!

Concealed carry is a lifestyle .

Resources we love

Here are some of the things we often mention in class.

John Correia - Active Self Protection

He analyzes real life self defense encounters. Be more prepared by learning from other’s experiences. 


If gun rights are important to you, it’s important that you support the NRA. They are fighting for our gun rights. How many members they have corresponds with the power they have to fight for us. 

The Law of Self Defense (LOSD)

Attorney Andrew Branca explains complex self defense laws in an easy to understand way. His tagline is “Carry a gun so that you are hard to kill. Know the law so you are hard to convict.”

If you are ready to take a deep dive into understanding self defense laws, he has a 10 hour course

I read the book first. Then I took his 10 hour Level 1 Course to go deeper. I also pay a monthly fee to be a LOSD member so I get access to his analysis of recent cases. I enjoy hearing his views and it helps me learn more about how the self defense laws are actually applied.

I’m really grateful for the work he does to help us regular folk understand the complexities of the legal framework in this area.

The Right to Remain Innocent

This book was recommended to me by a student in class a couple years ago. I went home and read it the next day. It’s a short, quick, easy read. I’ve been recommending it ever since.

Other helpful products

These are products we mention in class.

Know the laws as you travel!!

If you travel, this information is important to have! We keep a current edition in our car so that when we are traveling we have it.

It’s written by attorney Scott Kappas. It is updated each year. We have the most current edition!

Only $15 with free shipping! 

Give your thumb a break!

Shooting is fun. Loading magazine, not so much. The Maglula UpLula is a thumb-saver! We’ve tried other brands and other styles. None compare. 

It seems a little expensive at first, but once you have it you realize it is totally worth it.

This loader will work for 9mm to 45 auto magazines. It works on both single and double stack magazines. (It is not advertised to work on .380 magazines, but we have found that it works on every .380 magazine we have tried it on so far.)

Car Safe

If you are going to carry a gun, you are going to need to have a safe place to lock it up in your car. 

Most of the time this safe is empty because I keep the gun on me. But when I need it, I need it. And that’s why I have one of these that lives in my car. 

Alisha and Kevin have been using this exact safe personally for over 6 years. 

Dummy Rounds

These are awesome for training for malfunctions and seeing visually shooting errors in real time. We really like orange ones because they are easy to find on the ground and aren’t confused with live cartridges.

Just like with cartridges, you’ll need to buy the one that is the same caliber as your gun. We stock the major handgun calibers: 380, 9mm, 40, 45, and 22 lr.