Monday morning, around 4 am in Rockdale County Georgia, three masked teens presumably attempted to rob and shoot at 3 residents that were in their front yard.

One of the homeowners retrieved presumably a rifle and shot “a slew of shots” back.

The teens were quickly incapacitated and didn’t make it off the property. One teen was pronounced dead on the scene. The other two were later pronounced dead at the hospital. The police reported that they recovered 2 guns from the scene. Read more on ABCNews.com.

The homeowner was taken in to be questioned.

The details of the story are vague and too soon to be given. Since it happened when most were sleeping, there weren’t many witnesses beyond those involved. For this writeup, I’m going to use the information that we have and make some assumptions.

What is the Potential Issue with this Self-Defense Case?

So, what is the potential issue with this situation? The homeowner shot, presumably, two unarmed teens in his front yard. From the details above, only one was armed. Even police officers can’t shoot unarmed accomplices.

The Rockdale Sheriff reported that the homeowner that was involved was “transported to our criminal investigative division where he is being questioned”.  Do you think they brought him in to give good high-5’s? Or do you think they grilled him to build a case against him?

Who is the Victim?

Notice toward the end of the video, the difference in the definition of who is the victim. When asked if the victims had a criminal record, the sheriff started to answer for the homeowners. The reporter corrected and wanted to know about the “victims” (masked teens).

The whole country is going to be looking for answers. The investigators will put extra effort into this case to make sure that they cover all bases.

You Have Seconds to Respond…

During those short seconds in the dark, you must react and make quick decisions. Afterward, everyone has days, weeks, months, even years to debate what you should have done. Is shooting unarmed masked teens in your front yard self-defense or an act of a vigilante?

What comments did this guy make on social media, text messages, in private or otherwise that might point to the fact that he just wants to shoot some bad guys?

What about you? Did you respond to a post somewhere in the past suggesting that it was great that some bad guys died? This is all character evidence that could someday be used against you.

I made a post on Armed2Defend’s Facebook page yesterday. Click to take a look at the comments.

What Happens After a Self-Defense Encounter?

After a self-defense shooting, you will be handcuffed, transported to the criminal investigation division and questioned. Do you have a plan? Have you practiced how to handle this? Do you know how to answer their questions?

The detectives are going to trick you and confuse you. They know how to interrogate and get the information they need. This is what they do all day every day. It’s their job to get the details.

We’re not trained on how to interpret and explain our side of the story. We’re still trying to process what happened. We’re going to say incriminating and maybe even wrong information.  

This is the time to shut up and get an attorney. A good criminal defense attorney knows all the detective’s tricks and knows your rights. They have a clear view of the situation and know how to respond (or even not respond) to questions.

Sometimes giving too many details can come back to bite you. Your details might not match up with other witnesses and then the investigation drags on to determine who is truthful and who is lying.

What’s My Plan After a Self-Defense Encounter?

As a gun owner, I have determined that I will use whatever force needed to protect myself and my family. I back this decision up with being a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).

As a member, they will protect me financially and legally if I ever act in self-defense. The money I spend on my membership is never missed, but it will be priceless if I need their services.

As a member, I also get access to a wealth of training materials, information, and support. My membership is more than a safety net; it helps me build the lifestyle that will set me up for success rather than death or crimination.

This might sound like a sales pitch. But when you’re that person who just acted in self-defense, do you have the $5,000 attorney retainer ready to go? Or are you going to take your chances by answering the detective’s questions?

What Happens After the Police Arrive?

The USCCA has helped hundreds of their members to be successful after a self-defense situation.

6 things that will happen after you act in self-defense

1. You Will Be Detained and Possibly Arrested…

If you’ve been forced into a self-defense incident the police will have to be involved. Tell the 911 dispatcher your location and describe yourself.

You will likely be placed in handcuffs. Though you will not necessarily be under arrest, you will be taken into police custody. Comply with the officers and don’t panic.

Remember, you have not done anything wrong. You were in fear for your life or the lives of others and were forced to employ deadly force in the defense of said innocent lives.

2. Your Gun Will Be Seized and Held as Evidence

It is likely that the police will be taking your firearm or defense weapon as “evidence.” This is standard practice, and as long as you acted in self-defense and were in fear for the loss of innocent life you will be able to vindicate your actions with an attorney.

3. You Will Be Interrogated

After any self-defense incident, you WILL be interrogated both at the scene of the shooting and at the police station.

Though it can be tempting to tell the officers everything that comes to mind — don’t! As a suspect, the officers will be trying to get you to say as much as possible before you invoke your right to remain silent without an attorney present.

4. You Will Need an Attorney

If you don’t already have one you will need to hire an attorney, fast.

At this point you have one of three options: you can open a phone book and blindly choose a name, you can contact your lawyer or you can call the USCCA Critical Response Team to get the ball rolling on your defense.

5. You May Have to Post Bail or Pay Bond

Once arrested, you will likely be given the option to post bail. Posting bail can very difficult for the average individual, as self-defense incidents seem to happen after banker’s hours and few people keep thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on hand.

Your options are to call a bail bonds company (if they are legal in your area), call a family member who may have the funds or contact the USCCA, who will handle the situation from there.

6. The DA Will Make a Charging Decision

After the self-defense incident, the officers involved will gather their notes into a report and decide if they think there is evidence of a crime.

It can anywhere from days to weeks for all officers involved to complete their reports. The key here is to make sure you’re at home during this process, not sitting in a jail cell…

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