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Procrastinator Sale!

If you’re a procrastinator like me, you’re in luck. We just discounted Armed2Defend training gift certificates for the holidays.

It is getting harder and harder to buy for people. It feels like everyone has everything. The experience of handgun training is the perfect solution! 

Our CCW Training classes are perfect not just for those wanting to get their Ohio Concealed Carry license, but also for those who just want to gain understanding and confidence with handguns.

No stressing about shipping delays. These are delivered immediately.

You can easily print or email them.

Choose a Class Format

All 3 options meet the Ohio Concealed Carry Training Requirement. Ohio only has one concealed carry license, so all three options will have the same benefits after you get the license.

Our range is in Canal Winchester, Ohio (southeast Columbus). Our classroom is 4 minutes away in Lithopolis at the historic Wagnalls Memorial Library.

Click on the video below to see the details about the three class options.



In Person CCW

$ 99
  • Get the training done in one day
  • Saturday and Weekday Options
  • Free passport style photo for your application
  • Interactive classroom presentation
  • Expert range instruction
  • This has been our core class earning a 5-star review from over 1200 graduates

Online CCW

$ 87
  • Most flexible
  • Complete the online lessons at your own pace
  • Schedule your in person range when you’re ready
  • Optimized for your phone, tablet or computer
  • Rewatch lessons to further your understanding
  • Same Ohio CCW License
  • Downloadable notes
Most flexible

Women's Only CCW

$ 125
  • Get the training done in one day
  • Free passport style photo for your application
  • Smaller class size
  • Hands-on exercises in the classroom to get you comfortable handling a gun faster
  • More range instruction then our other classes
  • Uses a different curriculum that is designed for women

Not sure which option to buy?

You can always exchange your paid amount to switch to a different class format. You'll just either just pay the difference or we'll credit you the difference in class fee.


Most frequent questions and answers about Armed2Defend concealed carry gift certificates

Gift Certificates never expire. Even if the cost of the class increases, the gift certificate will cover the registration for that class in full.

Can’t decide on which class type? No worries! The gift certificate can also be transferred to a different type by paying the difference.

If the new class type is more expensive, then you can just pay the difference at the time of registering. If the new class type is less expensive, then we can give a store credit for the difference. 

These are digital gift certificates. Immediately after purchase, you will get the gift certificate. You can choose to print or email the gift certificate to the recipient. You’ll also get an email with the link to the gift certificate so you can email/print it in the future. 

The gift certificate has a code that the recipient will enter when registering for a class. The gift certificate code will take the course cost to zero so no additional payment will need to be made. 

Yes! We have shirts, hoodies, training tools, and other items that also make great gifts.

See our store at

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