Another NRA Member Becomes a Kimber Winner

Armed2Defend Gives Out Another Free Kimber 1911 Pistol Package

The latest Kimber 1911 prize winner is William from Grove City, Ohio. William and his wife both signed up for an NRA membership at their Armed2Defend Ohio concealed carry training course but it was his name that came up as the winner out of the 300 members in the contest. William’s winning package is valued at over $1100 and it includes a Kimber 1911 Ultra Carry II pistol, a custom Kyhide inside the waistband holster, practice and self-defense ammunition, a gun cleaning kit, and an hour lesson at the range with our 1911 expert Instructor Stan. The firearm transfer was performed by Alpha Star Tactical.


Why Join the NRA?

I asked William why he joined the NRA, here is how he responded. “I joined the NRA because I feel very passionate about supporting our right to bear arms and to protect ourselves and our families. To me, the 2nd Amendment is a foundational part of our country and represents everything that the country was built on: liberty, independence, freedom from tyranny.  Despite whether or not I always see eye to eye with everything the NRA does, they are the strongest voice representing our freedom and liberty, as it relates to our right to bear arms, and I trust them to be good stewards of that message.  The 2nd Amendment is constantly under attack, in this country, and, now more than ever, we need a strong, loud, persistent voice to get in the faces of those who are pressing their anti-gun agenda.  It’s about more than the right to carry a gun…it’s the right to self protection and self preservation without the threat of being oppressed by the minority of those who find themselves in positions of leadership, whether deserving of those positions or not.”

How Does it Feel to be a Kimber 1911 Contest Winner?

When I asked him how he likes his new Kimber, he said, “I was beyond stunned when I got the message.  I’ve seriously never won anything before and, of all the drawings I’ve entered in my life, this one is the best.  I am super excited to have the gun now and I’m making great use of it as a concealed carry “go to” choice.  Thanks again for the great instruction and the opportunity to be a winner in this drawing. I will definitely be back to take more training courses with Armed 2 Defend!”

You Have to Join to Win!

You too can be the next Kimber 1911 contest winner, just sign up or renew your NRA membership through Armed2Defend and you’ll be automatically entered into the contest. All it takes is the $10/year Associate membership to get you entered. At less than $1 a month, how can you not choose to help support your firearm rights? Go to to sign up for your membership and to be automatically entered to win the Kimber.

September is Armed2Defend’s NRA Membership Recruiting Month:

Chief Instructor, Kevin Sadeski, is constantly looking for new ways to motivate people to join and/or renew their NRA memberships. With over 627 members recruited just this year, it is no wonder that Armed2Defend is currently #2 in the nation for NRA membership recruiting for NRA certified instructors. For the month of September, Armed2Defend has been given an opportunity to offer exclusive discounts on NRA memberships. The 1 year membership is still only $25 instead of the $35 regular price. And for even more exclusive savings, the 3 year membership is only $70 and a 5 year membership is only $100. In addition to these discounts, you will still become entered to win the next Kimber. Don’t let these exclusive savings pass by; take the stand today!

Can it Get any Better? Absolutely, How About a Free Yard Sign!

Also, Armed2Defend is giving out exclusive yard signs to any current (or new) NRA member who is willing to display the sign in their yard. Pick up a sign at any of Armed2Defend’s class or events. Quantities are limited so do not delay.


Special Marksmanship Event:

Just announced, a special Winchester / NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualification Program event will be held on Saturday September 6, 2014 at Armed2Defend’s Canal Winchester Range from 9am till noon with discounts for NRA members. Go to this website to get more information and to register for this qualification event While at the event, NRA members can pick up their free yard sign.

Your Turn to Help:

Please help by sharing this contest and exclusive savings with your friends. Renew or join yourself, then encourage your friends to take a stance with you by becoming an NRA member!

Choose to sign up or renew your NRA membership today! You might be the next Kimber contest winner.

Support the NRA to support YOUR FREEDOM!

Kevin Sadeski

Chief Instructor – Armed2Defend