I took the Ohio CCW class.
Now what?

Here are your next steps after completing Armed2Defend’s Concealed Carry Training

1. Schedule an Appointment

Almost all of the sheriff’s offices require appointments. (Madison and Pickaway County is the only one we know of in the Columbus area that does walk-ins.) 

Most are swamped! You may have to wait several weeks (or even a couple of months). 

*The current law states that you have to apply in the county you lived in or a county that touches your county. The temporary COVID order has expired that allowed you to apply in ANY county regardless of what your home county is.

2. Complete the Application

Print the applicationAny questions about how to fill out the application should be directed to the sheriff’s office where you will be applying. Please do not contact us with those types of questions.

You will need a 2 in x 2 in “passport style” photo attached. (It doesn’t have to be an official passport photo like the kind you buy from Walgreens or CVS. So you can look into making your own with an app or your own photo editing skills!)

*The photo you submit on your application is not the one they print on your license. 

3. Read the Law Summary PDF

You must read the Law Summary BEFORE applying for the license. This PDF is published by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. It summarizes the Ohio Concealed Carry Laws. 

You will be asked during the application process if you read it. You must be able to say yes. Be sure to read it before going to the sheriff’s office.

*This publication gets updated as laws change. We don’t necessarily recommend printing it. You would always want to access it from the AG’s website so you know you are reading the most up to date version. If laws change, your printed copy would be out of date.  

4. Apply with the Sheriff's Office

Each county is slightly different in what they require. Double check the requirements for the county where you are applying. 

1. Completed Application

2. Certificate of Competency (the certificate that we gave you at the end of class- this shows you fulfilled Ohio’s training requirement)

3. Application Fee of $67* (accepted forms of payment vary by county)

4. Required form(s) of ID (each county is different)

5. ???…………anything else required by the county you are going to

**Do NOT take your firearm to your appointment!!!!**

*If you have not lived in Ohio for at least 5 years, there is an additional fee. The amount varies by county. It is typically $10-$15. 

*If you are Active Duty Military, a Veteran or Retired Military, your $67 license fee might be waived! There is 1.5 million dollars each year set aside for this. As long as it is not already exhausted for the current year, you should talk to the sheriff’s office about what you would need to bring for this benefit. More info here.

5. Carry Often

Carrying garlic may keep vampires away but carrying a piece of plastic in your wallet that says you are a concealed carrier doesn’t keep criminals away. 

Carrying your gun and knowing how to use it effectively in a defensive encounter is the important part of this lifestyle.

Becoming a concealed carrier is a lifestyle change. It will take time and effort to figure out methods and habits that work for you. You wouldn’t start a new diet and expect to feel different the next day. Expect it to take time for this new lifestyle to feel natural. 

Don't carry until you're ready.
But if this is important to you, don't stop working toward getting there.

6. Keep Training

You wouldn’t take one guitar lesson and then feel like you had achieved being a “guitarist”. 

Keep training! Live fire practice. Dry fire practice. Read books. Take big classes. Take small classes. Attend seminars. Join a community. Find people who will support you.

Think. Learn. Grow. Ask questions. Connect. 

Just don’t stop! You got this!

Are you comfortable with handguns?
Have you mastered safe gun handling?
Can you shoot fairly well?
Do you enjoy helping people?

Become an Instructor!

Earn money doing what you love.

(And be eligible for discounts on guns and gear!)

You could teach your own classes or assist in other people’s classes (like ours!).