I Carry a Gun for Myself and My Family – You Carry for Yours

Posted December 15, 2015 by adminWarning Armed2Defend

Don’t expect me to protect you and your family. As a licensed concealed carrier I’m going to act in my best interests. My Ohio concealed carry license doesn’t make me a law enforcement officer, a double-o agent or Jack Bauer. The license simply gives me the right to carry a concealed handgun in public. And it is my right to choose to carry and my right to choose to use it in self-defense. If a mad gunman begins shooting in the area that I’m in, my first thought is to determine if I can safely escape. If I can hit the door without being shot, I’m better off going home safe. But if I’m in the front row to the attack and escaping isn’t an option, then yes, I will have to defend myself, that is, I will defend myself until I can escape.   Am I a coward or Read More >

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NRA-ILA | Ohio: Employer Parking Lot Legislation Circulating Legislature

Posted May 30, 2015 by adminno-weapons-on-property

Currently, Senator Joe Uecker (R-14) is circulating a memo for co-sponsorship that would allow an employee to store a firearm in their locked vehicle without fear of employer retribution. Throughout the country, many employers have adopted “No Firearms” policies that extend beyond the physical workplace to include employee parking lots – areas often accessible to the general public and not secure. In order to comply with these policies, many employees must choose between protecting themselves during their commutes and being subject to termination by their employer. This legislation would correct that problem by prohibiting employers from establishing, maintaining or enforcing such a misguided policy. Nineteen other states have enacted similar laws including neighboring Kentucky. The fundamental right to self-defense should not stop simply because you park your car in a publicly accessible parking lot owned by your employer. When companies invite employees to park on their property, they should not Read More >