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Who Can Apply for an Ohio
Concealed Carry License?

The Applicant Restrictions can be found in Ohio Law: ORC Section 2923.125

Armed2Defend Range

1. You can complete the concealed carry training before you are 21, but you can't apply for the CCW license until you are 21.

2. Resident of Ohio for at least 45 days and a resident of your county for at least 30 days. (You can take the CCW class before you meet this requirement, but can not apply for the license until you meet this requirement.)

3. Not a fugitive from justice.

4. Your criminal record will be disclosed on your application and the sheriff will do a background check. There are many criminal offenses that will bar your from obtaining your license. If you have a criminal conviction in your background, please review ORC Section 2923.125 to see if it disqualifies you. If you are unsure if a conviction in your past will disqualify you, please contact us to find out. Please be specific about the convictions so that we can help you make the determination. 

5. Mental Competency: The law states that you must not have been adjudicated as a mental defective, been committed to any mental institution, be under a current adjudication of incompetence, have been found by a court to be mentally ill, subject to hospitalization by court order, and not be an involuntary patient other than one who is a patient only for purpose of observation.

6. Not subject to a protection order by Ohio or another state.

Please contact us to see if a specific conviction that you had in your past will disqualify you from obtaining your license. Email is the preferred contact method because I will forward to an attorney. Please be specific about the convictions so that we can help you make the determination.

Please review the application process.

Ohio Law: ORC Section 2923.125

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Register for CCW Class

Click here for NRA Instructor and RSO Training Information

See registration directions below class dates

Click on the date below that you would like to register for.

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Ohio Concealed Carry Training

April 19 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester

April 24 (Thursday)- Reynoldsburg

May 3 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg

May 13 (Tuesday)- Reynoldsburg

May 24 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg

June 7 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg

June 11 (Wednesday)- Reynoldsburg

June 28 (Saturday)- Reynoldsburg


NRA Pistol Instructor Training - Teach Ohio Concealed Carry!

May 17 & 18 - Reynoldsburg

July 19 & 20 - Reynoldsburg


Defensive Pistol Training

April 19 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester

May 10 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester

June 21 (Saturday)- Canal Winchester


Registration Process:

Registration is easy, please follow these 2 steps:

1. Click on the class date that you would like to attend and fill out the registration form for that CCW class date. Please register using your name as it is on your driver's license, first name first.

2. Review the CCW class details and complete the "What to Bring to Class" that are listed in the next column.

Unless noted, currently all concealed carry classes run from 8:15am to 8:45pm and are being held at American Legion Bexley Post, 3227 East Livingston Ave. Columbus, OH 43227. The range portion is held at a private range in Canal Winchester. Directions to the range will be given at the class. 

Armed2Defend Student at pistol range

Handicap Access:
Wheelchair access is available for most classes. Please put any special needs in the notes section when registering.

Pregnant Women: Due to the nature of the course, Armed2Defend LLC does not provide training to pregnant women. The training requires live fire which will subject the participants to lead and other toxic chemical  inhalation and very loud noises. Please protect your baby by planning to attend after your pregnancy.


 What to Bring to Class

Please plan to arrive early in order to expedite the check in process.

Armed2defend Target

Items to bring to class:
If you can't printout items, copies will be provided in class.

   Ohio Concealed Carry Law Manual - Please review online, printing is optional.

   Ohio Concealed Carry Application - Please begin filling out in advance. This is what is needed in order to apply for the license with the sheriff.

  Ten copies of one of these targets: Armed2Defend Right Handed Target; Armed2Defend Left Handed Target.

   Government issued ID to verify identity (driver's license, state ID, Passport...).

   Pen and notebook paper.

   Food and drinks: Refer to class date specifics.

  Appropriate clothing for the outdoor range. For safety, please wear closed shoes, no low cut shirts. Beyond that, please dress comfortably to match the weather. The range is covered.

Optional items
1.  Range safety equipment - The instructor will provide all safety equipment, however, some student prefer to bring their own ear and eye protection. Glasses with side shields must be worn at the range.
2.   Handguns - The instructor will provide a 22LR handgun and ammunition, however, we recommend that should bring your own if you have one. This way you will get customized instruction with your handgun. Here are the rules for bringing a handgun.
   a.   Be sure to transport it properly. Here is Ohio's law on transporting without a CCW license (best to transport it in a closed bag/case unloaded in your trunk. Magazines and speed loaders need to be unloaded as well)
   b.   No guns or ammunition are allowed in the classroom. Leave it locked in your car.
   c.   Handguns are not to be removed from bag/case until instructed to do so.
   d.   If you are bringing a handgun, you will also need to supply your own ammunition (about 50 rounds). Ammunitions is for sale at the range.
   e.   Only handguns are permitted on the range.

Armed2Defend Handgun Range Instruction

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